Sakshi shoots Raima and puts the murder attempt blame on Dev in Ek Hasina Thi

Sakshi shoots Raima and puts the murder attempt blame on Dev in Ek Hasina Thi


Raima starts choosing her dresses to wear in the vacation holiday. She takes a selfie and sends Rajnath. Rajnath calls her. He says there is change in holiday plan, Sakshi is coming along. She says what. He says we have to cancel this trip. She says what to do about her. He says what can I do, I m fed up of her. . Sakshi throws the flowers which Raima gave her and says she will decide whether to enjoy their dirty games or not. Rajnath meets Agnihotri at night and shoots him. Rajnath thinks thank you Dev, I got this proof because of you, Shaurya is safe now, I have to get this proof to get rid of Sakshi. He calls Mukherjee and informs about Agnihotri’s dead body.


Raima calls Kangana and Sakshi asks her to cut the call. Kangana says why, she is like family. Sakshi insists. Shaurya says she is more than our family. Durga gives updates to Dayal. She says why is Sakshi not reacting. Dayal says she is intelligent, smart and opportunistic. Even Rajnath is same, if we know they are normal, then we should not be surprised about their deal.Suchitra asks Durga to keep the karwachauth fast and she agrees. Dev scolds Durga and asks why does she want to play with Maa’s emotions. She says she wants to keep the fast. He says fine, I will not break your fast. Dev is eager to meet Agnihotri and calls him.


Rajnath greets him and asks what is he doing. Dev says he is calling his business associate and he is not taking my call. Rajnath asks him to come home early today as its Karwachauth today and Durga won’t break fast without seeing him. Durga meets Raima at the sports club and talks to her. Durga says Suchitra gave me for my first Karwachauth. She asks is she coming today for party. Raima says party? Durga says even dad is coming. Raima says it might be for family, I don’t belong to that family. Durga says you are connected to them, please come.  Raima thinks she will go in party as Sakshi did not let her go in vacation, I will show her what I can do. Durga welcomes Raima.


Sakshi sees her and thinks what is Raima doing here, who invited her. Raima blesses Durga. Raima gives her a bouquet. Sakshi passes some taunts on Raima and asks about her reunion trip. Raima says it got cancelled, and Durga invited me here. Rajnath asks Sakshi to talk to Dayal about cancer project. Dayal says he wants to suggest something about Raima. Dayal says Raima can be good PR head. Raima smiles. Rajnath thinks great, we can work together and spend time, what a fantastic idea. Shaurya thinks mum is not understanding, dad will be having fun as Raima will be with him 24 hours and I m still on this wheel chair, I want to get up.


Dev breaks Durga’s fast and Dayal is glad seeing them. Raima and Sakshi have an argument. Raima gets angry and tells about Payal and Dev tries to know more about Payal. Everyone is shocked. Rajnath takes Raima and leaves.  Dev says I won’t let you go and asks about that night. He says I will get the truth from Raima in 24 hours and not leave Shaurya. Rajnath scolds Raima for bringing Payal’s rape case in between, Dev knows we have hidden the truth, he is waiting for the truth, the day he gets the proof, he will finish us, he is 50% owner of Goenka empire, he will sell all shares and ruin us.


Sakshi thinks Dev always came in use to me, Dev gave me idea to deal with Rajnath and Raima. She goes to meet Raima and they have an argument. Sakshi slaps Raima. Raima is shocked seeing her. Sakshi aims gun at her and says good bye Raima. Raima is tensed. Sakshi confronts her about her affair with Rajnath and says she saw the video. Raima asks which video. Sakshi shows the video in her mobile. She asks her last wish. Raima says tell Raj that I love him. She shoots Raima  and hides. Dev comes there and the maid sees him with Raima wounded. She calls the police. Dev calls Durga and they rush Raima to hospital.


Shaurya looks at Sakshi and thinks my sixth sense is saying all this is done by mum. Sakshi comes home and acts like she just came to know about Raima. They all rush to hospital. The maid comes saying he is the one who killed Raima, and points at Dev. Dev refuses to the inspector. Will Durga make Dev get justice? Keep reading.