Veera and Baldev get another challenge in their love as Inspector Rajveer enters their lives in Veera

Some men at the Dangal start the fight with Baldev and Veera. They push Baldev and Veera on the ground. Veera gets hurt and Baldev sees her hand bleeding. The man tries to stab Baldev. Ranvi reaches there and is shocked to see the man hurting Veera. She shouts Baldev. A police officer comes and saves Veera. He holds her hand and she gets up. The goons run seeing police. Baldev says Ranvi, its good you came. Ranvi slaps him angrily and asks is this the place for girls to come, how can you bring Veera here. Baldev is stopped for questioning. Veera defends Baldev and asks Ranvi to help Baldev. Ranvi says no, he is not a kid, he is not responsible enough to take care of himself, what will he take care of you.

Baldev is arrested for fighting in public place. Ranvi brings Veera home. Balwant gets informed about Baldev arrested and goes to meet him in jail. Ranvi says see Veera’s hands, don’t know what would have happened, Baldev would have not known, as he was busy in fighting. Veera says he was fighting to save me, goons were beating me, he was taking care of me, by saving me. Veera argues with Ranvi and says she promised she will not lie but she will go and meet Baldev in police station. Ranvi says you won’t. Veera says I will go, if you want to stop me, then slap me too. She goes to jail and meets Baldev. They both cry. She asks him not to worry. Baldev asks her to go home.

Gunjan says its good news Biji, I was worried for Baldev, I m relieved now, my friends are coming to prepare for Navratri. Gunjan says Ratan that Baldev is getting bail in one hour. Veera gets happy. Ranvi and Veera are annoyed with each other. Ranvi invites Veera for Dandiya. Veera says yes, you always told me that festivals are good things winning over bad things and this time my love for Baldev will win over his anger. Ranvi looks on. He goes to police station to invite Rajveer and likes the way he frees a kid to get him to the right path and not make a criminal record on his name. Rajveer says superstar Ranvijay is calling me home, great, I will try to come. Gunjan gives Dandiya sticks to Veera.

Rajveer comes there and calls out Ranvi. Ranvi welcomes him. Rajveer greets everyone. Ranvi says he is the inspector who saved Veera in Dangal. Gunjan says oh, the one who arrested my brother. Rajveer says I was doing my duty. Rajveer talks to Ratan and says he lost his parents in early age. He says its true, that a man can get successful and earn money, but only Lord can give him family. Baldev comes there. He gets angry and shocked seeing Rajveer with Veera. Ratan asks Ranvi to think about Veera and Baldev again.

She explains that Veera loves Baldev a lot. Ranvi says I m not her enemy, I want to see her safe and happy, I m sure Baldev can’t give her happiness.Veera goes to meet Baldev but again Rajveer pops up, and Baldev sees them, He gets angry and leaves. Bansuri and Baldev argue on Veera. Baldev defends Veera and starts leaving. Bansuri stops him and says Ranvi chose a guy for her, be away from her now. Baldev looks on.Baldev says he knows Veera loves him and he is lucky. Baldev says the truth won’t change that I love her. Baldev and Rajveer have an argument. Baldev comes to her and says he tried finding her in all the Pind, I had to know you will be here and crying.

She starts beating him with the stick and says you did not care for me, you stayed with your friends and not me, you did not call me. She says she can’t bear it anymore, how can he think she does not care for him. He takes the stick and gives her, asking her to beat him. Bansuri and Balwant talk about Veera and argue. She says she won’t let Veera come in this house and got an idea. He asks what idea. She says leave it. The man says he has made room ready. Balwant asks whats going on. She says nothing, I told you my friend is coming with her daughter. He says Veera will come in this house as bahu and will manage everything. He leaves. She says she will come when I allow her to come. They argue with love and find an idea. They come home with garlands and everyone is shocked. What will happen now? Did Veera really marry Baldev without informing Ranvi? Keep reading.