Yuvraaj asks Soumya to leave from Birla House in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Lata comes to Birla House and notices Soumya having all the control over everyone in the house, in Suhani’s absence. Suhani comes home from Krishna’s house, and knows about Soumya’s big lie about her divorce. She sees Soumya wearing the ancestral bangles, and confronts her. Soumya lies to her again, and Dadi supports her. Sharad says he will make the bangles fine, and calls the jeweler to take bangles from Soumya and make it according to Suhani’s size. Suhani confronts Soumya about Krishna. Suhani says you said you love Krishna, then why did you send him divorce papers, whats going on. Soumya lies again.

Suhani says don’t lie, I went to his house and I came to know this. Soumya asks why did she go there, why is she interfering in her life. Suhani says I interfered and got you here, else you would have bearing him till now, you said you still love him, so I went there, what does you want. Dadi comes and scolds her. Soumya flirts with Yuvraaj and he moves back feeling odd. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Soumya is giving divorce to Krishna. Yuvraaj is shocked and understands that Soumya’s love confession was for him. Soumya tries getting closer to Yuvraaj, and he asks her to stay away. The bangles fit Suhani and she gets it.

Yuvraaj compliments her and Soumya gets angry. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that she told those words to him, she told I love you to him. He is shocked. She again asks him about accepting her love, and he reminds her that he is married to her best friend Suhani. She says as I love you. He says stop it, silently leave from this house, its too much, you stayed a lot, its time to leave. Soumya says fine, I have a condition, you have to tell the truth to Suhani. She says you fear that I will tell her that I love you, you tell her everything as she will ask me why I m leaving home, and I won’t answer her. He comes to Suhani, and says he wants to talk about Soumya.

Suhani makes a movie plan to cheer up Soumya. Soumya says I know Yuvraaj won’t tell anything to Suhani, he just asked me to leave in anger, he can’t be away from me, he loves me. Soumya gives Suhani her tickets. Suhani asks her and Yuvraaj’s tickets. Suhanu does not have any ticket, and is stopped. Soumya looks on and smiles. Soumya takes Yuvraaj inside the theatre and tries getting closer. She sleeps on his shoulder, and wakes up being shocked to see its Suhani. Soumya asks where is Yuvraaj. Suhani says he came out and met me, he gave his ticket and this jacket, saying its very cold inside.

Soumya comes home and asks Yuvraaj whats all this. She says you won’t prove to be good husband by giving ticket or jacket, you did not tell her. She says you don’t have any husband and wife relation, right Yuvraaj. She says your eyes are saying I m right, which you can’t prove wrong.Yuvraaj tries keeping Suhani happy. He recalls Soumya’s words.

Yuvraaj removes the pillows between him and Suhani, and asks does she have any objection by this change. She looks on stunned and says she is fine with it. He gets closer to her and leaves from the room being tensed. He feels cold and Suhani comes and covers him it the shawl. He asks won’t you ask me anything, I m sure you may have many questions. She says maybe not, sometimes its good if we don’t get answers, silence is more better than talking, I trust you, and where there is trust, there are no questions. She says I know you trust me and won’t have any questions, and about waiting, I can wait for you all my life. She smiles and leaves. He says he has kept silent for much time, its time to take a decision now.

Suhani tells Dadi that she is going to pick Pratima. Dadi says no, you have to do arrangements for Makar Sankranti. Sharad argues with Yuvraaj over Soumya and they get annoyed. Dadi sends Soumya with Yuvraaj. He thinks to talk to Soumya. He does not get a chance to talk to Soumya, as she assumes he loves her. Suhani makes Pratima’s fav food at home. Pratima is shocked seeing Soumya and Yuvraaj together. Suhani plans to unite Yuvraaj and Sharad. Lata meets Pratima and they see Soumya taking Suhani’s place at home and get annoyed. Will Suhani come to know Soumya’s intentions? Keep reading.