Veera fools Rajveer in love trap to prove Baldev innocent in Veera

Baldev gets angry on Veera when she says she went to meet Rajveer to know about Nihaal’s murder. He says he can see the drama that she cares for him. He says I know you won’t support me on right time, if you support me, I will listen to you. He says maybe I will trust you. Ratan talks to Ranvi and says her fears about Veera. She says maybe Baldev knows you can give statement against him and can send him to jail, so he is bringing his anger out on Veera. Ranvi says why is Veera not understanding this, she married Baldev. Ratan says we are leaving Veera with the man, who can really be murderer.

Ranvi gets worried and goes to get Veera home, and Baldev tells Veera to refuse Ranvi. He asks her to be very rude to Ranvi and he will see whether he can trust her again. d leave this house. He says don’t care if I go jail or I die. He says then I won’t see your face again. Veera comes downstairs and says I knew you can get annoyed, but you will forgive me. She says you will come to meet me. He says I did not come to meet you, I came to take you from here, you and I know this that you lied to me in market and lied to Gunjan on phone, I know Baldev is treating you badly. He says a father can be annoyed with his daughter, but can’t see her in pain, so he has come today to take his daughter home.

Veera says no Veer ji, I will not go with you. She asks how can she come with him who shut the doors for her. He says he was angry. She says you and Biji can get annoyed, and I should just bear it. She cries and acts rude to him. Ranvi is shocked and leaves crying. Baldev tells Veera that he will not trust her as she did this being helpless and to win his trust. She cries. Gunjan pacifies Ranvi. Ranvi says I know the truth that Veera was lying to me, I know she is making stories, I know she is bearing pain by Baldev, and I m feeling helpless. Veera tells Rajveer that she did big mistake to marry Baldev, and even Ranvi broke relation with her. So I came to meet you, can you help me. Rajveer gets glad and starts falling in her lie trap.

Baldev tells his friends that his phone has Nihaal’s message that he has called him there, and they need to get it from the police station. They go there and make the constables eat bhang sweets. They take the phone and run. Baldev checks the phone and says the message is deleted. He says it has memory card and asks Bilal to retrieve the files from it. Rajveer tells Veera that your fate has someone who loves you, takes care of you, keeps you happy and values you. She asks how can this happen, I m married to Baldev. He says marriage is not cage, no need to be afraid of Baldev, he will be behind bars in few days, start a new life forgetting everything.

Ranvi thinks about Veera’s words. Gunjan sees him upset. He apologizes and says I don’t know how you bear me. She says I love you. She says no relation can be known from outside, its just two people know who are keeping the relation, don’t make any opinion about Veera and Baldev, let her do anything she wants. Rajveer asks the staff about the phone in locker and asks who came here, Baldev did this, Veera’s coming may be any plan. He meets Ranvi to cross check about Veera, and comes to know Baldev is really torturing Veera and she is having a painful life there. He thinks Veera really wants to leave Baldev.

Veera meets Gunjan and asks for her makeup kit, and does not tell anything about Rajveer and what she found about him. Rajveer tells Veera not to worry, as he will punish Baldev even if there is no evidence. She asks is this possible to send him to jail without proof. He says I can do anything, and shocks her. Ratan thinks about Nihaal and cries. Ranvi says Nihaal did not go away from us, he was killed, I promise I will get his murderer punished. She says Veera married Baldev as she was sure Baldev did not kill Nihaal I wish everything gets fine, and real culprit should be punished so that Nihaal’s soul gets peace, I will thank Lord if this happens. Bansuri tells Baldev that Veera has gone to meet Rajveer at night.

Baldev goes to see Veera and is shocked seeing her meeting Rajveer and talking with love. Rajveer confesses his love for Veera. She is shocked and smiles. She recalls their meetings and how Baldev alerted her always. She says I wish I did not marry Baldev and married you, and gave you love as you are giving me, but till everything gets sorted. He says don’t worry, he will be behind bars soon. Veera comes home thinking about Rajveer’s love confession. Bansuri stops her and scolds her.Baldev drinks wine and tortures himself. Veera is shocked seeing him, and hugs him saying she loves him a lot. Will Veera prove Baldev innocent? Keep reading.