Govind convinces Panchi and her family for Titu’s proposal in Tu Mera Hero

Titu hears the ladies taunting on Kamlesh and calling him corrupt and bribe taker, as he has done Rachna’s engagement in grand way. He sees Pratibha feeling bad, and asks everyone to listen to him. He praises the police department and what they all do for them. He says police protects us and stays away from their families. He says if they are spending by their hard earned salaries, why does people get jealous. He salutes all policemen and says they protect us, and give them roses. Everyone smile and praise Titu.

Govind feels proud. Rachna tells Panchi that Titu has something. Govind goes to loo and hears Titu telling everything to Golu on phone about his plan to fool Govind by lying about Panchi. Govind confronts Surekha and Titu. Surekha says Panchi lied to Govind that day and I lied to cover it. Govind scolds her and asks why did she not say the truth. Arvind and his wife talk about a puja, to make Rachna’s stars not affect her son, and she is manglik and has to marry a peepal tree. Rachna cries and says she can’t do this.

Kamlesh is disturbed and does not like this peepal tree marriage thing. Panchi comes and says stop, Rachna will not do this puja, and not marry this tree. Govind comes there. She asks the ladies is it their mistake if they are manglik, she was sent to earth by Lord, you all believe in Lord, and tells about Sita going to Ram to share his pains, and other examples. Govind is impressed seeing Panchi’s thoughts and smiles. Kamlesh refuses for the peepal tree marriage and asks Chetan’s parents to accept Rachna with all her luck and bad luck. Arvind says fine, we refuse for this marriage. Govind looks on.

Chetan asks his mum to accept Rachna, her parents are giving her to us. His mum asks are you mad. Chetan says no, lets do the engagement now. He says his son can influence anyone by his talk. She thinks uncle knows everything. Govind asks did he pressurize you to lie, else a good girl like her can’t lie to him. He says bad things about Titu. She gets restless. She tells him that she loves Titu and he gets glad. Rachna asks Panchi why did she tell everything to Titu’s dad. Panchi says I could not lie. Rachna says what if Titu knows this.

Panchi says I don’t care. Rachna thanks her for today, and she was happy. Govind thinks Panchi lied and she can’t refuse to Panchi, her words are impressing my heart, is this the sign to choose her for Titu. He goes to Panchi’s home with Titu’s proposal and shocks her parents. He says he is very impressed meeting Panchi and hearing her words, I feel my son won’t get a better wife than Panchi. He asks them to think and goes. He meets Panchi and tells her that he has brought proposal for her and Titu and spoke to her parents. He asks her reply will she marry Titu.

Panchi says yes and he happily goes. Pratibha says she always dreamt to get Panchi married to a respectable and educated guy. Kamlesh says Titu’s marks are very less, how can he dream to get our Panchi, if she knows this, she will laugh a lot. Surekha invites Vaishaili and her parents to talk about Titu, but Mukund met her parents before and told them that he and Vaishaili love each other. Govind comes and apologizes to them, and says he has chosen Panchi for Titu and this is his last decision. Everyone is shocked. Rekha and Mukund smile. Rachna says our parents won’t agree. Panchi says I will convince them to say yes.

Pratibha comes and says never. She asks what is she saying, we decided to refuse to this proposal, stop this madness. She says I m shocked how can you do this foolishness. Panchi takes them to kulfi stall and makes them explain that marriage should be done by love and will, else it does not matter. She says love is very imp than earnings, job, and marks. They see people laughing, and she says its Titu, he is always the reason for everyone’s laugh, come lets see. They hear Titu cracking jokes. Panchi laughs on his jokes. Titu says the more you laugh, you will be saved from doctor’s fees, if girls smile on your talk, then think you have become her father’s son in law.

Kamlesh looks at Panchi and asks can Titu take care of her expenses. Govind comes there and says yes, he will do it. He says I can understand a girl’s father’s worry, please come to my shop. Govind shows the papers, of their property and shop, its all for Titu. He says this is enough for Panchi’s good future, two generations can stay happy with this. He says our ancestral home, this shop, all this is for our only son and bahu, we have seen something in Panchi, I m sure she will manage our home well as bahu.

Pratibha says you chose Titu and it will be your responsibility. Panchi says yes, it will be my responsibility solely. Pratibha says fine, then its my yes to this proposal. Later on, Govind informs everyone that Panchi’s parents have said yes to Titu’s proposal. Surekha is shocked and even Titu thinks why did Panchi agree to marry him. Will Titu know Panchi loves him? Keep reading.