Sandhya decides to leave Sooraj forever in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj and Sandhya buy the same gift for Meenakshi and write the name Sooraj Sandhya Rathi. The baby shower function starts and Sandhya and Sooraj do the rituals as told by Bhabho. Taisa says Meenakshi is ahead second time and let’s see who is next and they play a game. She asks Meenakshi to take a flower and throw it, and whoever gets it, will be next to get such happiness. Meenakshi throws the flower and it falls in Sandhya’s hand, who is standing far. Bhabho gets glad. Chavi sees the necklace which Meenakshi’s mum brings for her, and thinks Sandhya gifted her and she sold it, if anyone sees it, they will kick her out.

Chavi tells everything to Dilip and takes him into confidence. He says we can tell them that we sold it for flat. She says Bhabho is unwell, if we tell this, we have to tell them that Pushpa has kicked us out, Bhabho will be hurt knowing this. She says we have to do anything, and steal that necklace. Sooraj and Sandhya hold each other and everyone dance around. Bhabho asks Sooraj to make Sandhya wear the anklet. Sooraj makes Sandhya wear the anklet. He says he has to tell her something, and she smiles. Meenakshi’s mum shows the necklace box and is shocked to see its missing. Meenakshi gets embarrassed.

Meenakshi’s mum describes the necklace and they see its Chavi’s necklace which Sandhya gifted in her marriage. They get puzzled thinking who has stolen it. Sooraj takes Sandhya to the room, and she sees everything is same. Sandhya has hope of union from him, and he recalls Ankur’s words who asked him to part ways with Sandhya and shows the offer letter of police training in Scotland. He tells Sandhya that Bhabho wanted you to come, and I invited you, I did not think you will get a new hope, I m giving you hope that you may think things will get fine between us. He asks her to end her hope. Sandhya cries.

Sandhya asks Sooraj what did I see in your eyes, I know you still love me, you are open book which I can read, I know you. He says you are right, I was mislead for some time, and could not see what’s right or wrong, but now I know it. he says you feel my going away from you and your family will be fine, for the house’s betterment, as you are afraid that my duty can bring problems for your family, this is the reason that you want to go far from me, I know its not easy to decide this for you, you are also in dilemma, but I will bring you out of this dilemma, I love you a lot, so I won’t let this blame come on you. She cries and says I will go very far forever. She says our destination, our ways, our worlds will be separate. She leaves crying and apologizes to Bhabho.

Meenakshi and Vikram fool Chavi and catch her red handed with the necklace. Chavi lies to them about Pushpa and even Dilip says the same, as Chavi has cheated him. Vikram believes Dilip and hugs Chavi. Sandhya comes home crying. She sees the offer form of Scotland police training. She says you asked me what did I decide, I have taken the decision, I m ready to go. She signs on the form. Sandhya packs her bag. Bhabho comes there with Chotu and cries seeing Sandhya. She asks is her packing done, is she ready to leave. Bhabho talks to Ankita and says I know you did all arrangements for Sandhya, but I have a mother’s heart. Ankita says no one can take your place. Bhabho meets Ankur and greets him. She says she did not come to stop Sandhya, but to bless her, she did not get happiness as one side is her husband who is afraid and annoyed, and other side is her brother, who is in his ego. She leaves being sad and helpless.

Meenakshi and Vikram catch Chavi and Dilip in market and get to know they are lying again. They make a plan to know what mistakes Chavi did, and they can tell this to Bhabho to send her back to inlaws. Sooraj gets customers and asks them to sit till he makes jalebis. He sees the couple having a talk, which makes him think about Sandhya. He thinks Ankur said Sandhya will go tonight. He leaves in hurry on his scooter. He sees Sandhya standing outside her house. Will Sooraj stop Sandhya from going away forever? Keep reading.