Suhani meets Soumya; Yuvraaj scolds Soumya for cheating them in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani asks Abhilasha to come and take her money, and end the court case matter. Abhilasha arrives at the Birla house. Suhani engages Abhilasha in a conversation. Later, she removes the peel off mask from Abhilasha’s face, and proves her deceit. Abhilasha asks Ragini to apologise to her. Dadi and Saurabh suggest Ragini to apologise to Abhilasha. Yuvraaj confronts Mr. Saxena regarding the fairness cream. Saxena scolds his staff man for the fraud he did and re launched the expired products. Suhani talks to the man Suhaas and knows he is only earning member in the family and we should give him a chance. Dadi says fine, this is your last chance and asks Saxena to take him.

Yuvraaj and Suhani argue sweetly and Sharad stops them. Sharad says its all done by Rags as she insulted Abhilasha and this all happened. enka fills Rags’ ears against Sharad and Suhani. Rags says I will not leave Suhani now, as she made me apologized. Pankaj says Rishi is unwell and Amit called me to say we should keep Rishi here. . Bhavna gets worried. Suhani knocks Dadi’s door. Dadi asks her to come inside and shows the injection. She asks Suhani to give her Botox. Suhani tells the demerits. Dadi does not listen to her and asks her to hurry up. Suhani thinks what to do. Suhani is about to give the botox injection to Dadi and Menka knocks the door. The injection falls and breaks.

Dadi asks Suhani to clean the mess and lie to Rags and Menka. Yuvraaj says he is worried for Suhani. Sharad asks why. Yuvraaj says she does not know Soumya cheated us. Yuvraaj says she thinks I love her and I married her by my wish, she thinks I support her as I love her. She is living happy married life, but till when will I lie. I feel guilty if I scold her. Yuvraaj says I want to tell her the truth. Sharad says this can break her heart. harad says the one you loved run away. He says yes, why should I punish Suhani, she should get someone she loves. Sharad says Soumya will never be happy, as she did very bad with us. Krishna tells Soumya that he will get the job.

Soumya and Suhani come to the same shop to buy a necklace and meet there. Suhani sees her sindoor and understands she got married. She is hurt that Soumya did not meet her before and tell her everything. She runs out crying. Soumya says what can I tell you now. Suhani says I m going, no need to tell anything. Suhani cries and hugs Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj sees Soumya and is shocked. He holds Suhani to protect her and shows his love for her. She says she regarded Soumya as very close person and one day I felt she went very far from me, and she was just pretending, how will it feel.

She says Soumya loved someone. Krishna asks what happened, are you mad to cry like this for Suhani. She says you did not go in her marriage as you know Yuvraaj does not love her. Rakhi thinks what is the matter. He says Suhani is right to be angry, everything will be fine, give her time.Suhani calls Soumya and says she will meet her. She tells Yuvraaj the place. Yuvraaj goes before Suhani to meet Soumya. Soumya waits for Suhani. Yuvraaj comes to meet her and says I was waiting for this day, whats his name, the servant guy Krishna. He gets angry on her. Soumya apologizes and accepts her mistake.

Yuvraaj scolds her for cheating them. He says I don’t want Suhani to cry because of you, you don’t know how many people got hurt because of you. Suhani comes and Soumya apologizes and hugs her. Suhani says Yuvraaj is very humble, he did not change much, and gets angry sometimes, but he takes good care of me. Menka tells Dadi that Suhani forgot to clean the silver utensils. Suhani comes and says sorry. Dadi says it was your work. Dadi says now Suhani will clean all utensils on her own without any help. Ramesh says Suhani that lemon will clean this utensils.

Menka throws the lemons and Suhani comes asking what is she doing. Menka gets tensed. Menka drinks all lemon juice and gets unwell. Suhani thiks what to do as lemons are not there. Yuvraaj’s brush falls in the utensil and she picks it up. She sees the toothpaste cleaning the utensil and gets the idea. She uses toothpaste and cleans all utensils in less time. Rags says how did she clean in so less time. Rags asks Menka to hide this silver bowls.Sharad sees them but does not understand anything. Rags and Menka run away hiding the bowls. What will Suhani do now when Dadi asks for the bowls? Keep reading.

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