Ranvi gets hurt in competition; Veera meets with an accident; Baldev and Gunjan worried in Veera

Ranvi is going in the first round of the competition where he has to sing any song chosen by him. Balwant is happy and talks to Bansuri sweetly. He praises Baldev and says he knows him very well. He says but he will get peace when he takes all the responsibilities. The first round of the Junoon 2014 singing talent show starts. Dev welcomes everyone and says finally here are we, and the contestants are between us. Ranvi looks nervous and sees Gunjan. The singing performances start. Balli comes to Veera and says come with me on terrace, I will show something. Veera says what. Balli says a shooting star.

She says what, in day? He insists and she goes with him. Veera comes there and sees Baldev. He waves her and she cries seeing him. He says I love you. Dev calls Ranvi next. Ranvi comes on the stage and starts singing. He is shocked as the music is changed. He says this is not my music and Dev asks him to just sing or leave the show. Megha says she does not understand how did the music change, everything was final. Ranvi is tensed. Ranvi asks for his guitar. He sings Kuch is tarah teri palkein. Dev tells about Ranvi’s struggles and his background. He says how he is singing in a small bar to make an earning.

He insults Ranvi showing sympathy. He says I hope you get a good break and who knows this show can make it possible. Dev tells the next round which will be singing plus dance round. He asks them to starts rehearsing with their partners. Only 4 will be going in semi finalsVeera tells everyone what happened with Ranvi and says someone is cheating him. Ratan says I can’t believe thisVeera says I have an idea. Gunjan and Ranvi see the show on tv with Megha. Ranvi says will Veera and Biji also see it. Veera makes the projector tv arrangements and accommodates everyone to see Ranvi’s singing and vote for him. They smile seeing him sing and clap. Ratan sees Baldev helping them.

Nihaal says Ratan feels you and Veera’s mindset is different, you have to prove your love is strong so make her say yes, do something to make her agree, if you love is true, Lord will help you. The next round has dance too and Ranvi gets a dance instructor Meena who teaches him good steps. Nihaal explains Ratan to accept Baldev. Ratan finally agrees and asks Baldev to meet Veera. She says the final decision will be of Ranvi. Everyone agree. Baldev and Veera have a talk at the polyhouse office. He asks why are you upset, now everything is fine, as everyone agreed. Are you worried for Ranvi? He says he will convince Ranvi.

Ratan tells Nihaal that its right time now and we should tell Ranvi now, else he will feel bad. Nihaal says don’t you think we are hurrying, whats their age. Bansuri tells Gunjan that everyone here is praising Ranvi, you come back, I need to talk about Baldev’s marriage. Gunjan thinks did Biji doubt on Veera. Megha asks Gunjan is she not afraid when Ranvi becomes a big star, a smart city girl will take him. Gunjan says no, he loves me. She says if I wear modern clothes, no one can compete me. Megha says yes, try western clothes, lets surprise Ranvi. Gunjan comes wearing a western dress. Ranvi smiles. He says you are looking good, you wear this clothes till we are in city, buy more.

Gunjan smiles and says Ranvi surprised me. Megha laughs. Ranvi comes in second round and goes for his performance. Someone puts glass on floor and hurts Ranvi’s foot. Ranvi still dances well and sings pehla nasha pehla khumar. Baldev says he does not want to force Veera, he wants her to marry him happily, he will wait for her, he won’t go anywhere, he will answer all questions and stand as wall to protect her, he promises her that he will save their respect. Everyone gets happy. Megha asks Ranvi to lie that he is not married, to get female fans votes. He refuses. Gunjan hears this and tells media that she is not Ranvi’s wife and he is a bachelor. Ranvi says I can’t believe Gunjan that you said you are not my wife.

Ranvi says I m shocked that you are changing, I don’t want my dreams if my wife is changing. will I do. They cry. Baldev asks Veera to come with him, but she is looking upset. She says she is feeling tensed and worried for Ranvi. She feels something is wrong. Baldev plans a surprise date for Veera. They meet for the date and she says she has to go home, feeling restless. Baldev follows him and says he won’t let her go. They sort of race and a truck comes from opposite direction. Veera meets with an accident and Baldev is shocked. What will happen with Veera and Ranvi now? Who is trying to harm Ranvi? Keep reading.

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