Saras and Kumud save Kabir and bring him back to Ratnagiri; Ghuman arrested; Saras and Kumud to shift Mumbai in Saraswatichandra

Kumud and Kabir ask Saras to save the either one. Kumud says take Kabir with you, fulfill your mum’s dream. Kabir says no Saras, my death was destined, after all I did all this, can I become a good son and brother, you will take Kumud, now. Kalika tells Danny that Ghuman asked her to do all this as she does not want you and Kusum to unite. ash slaps Kalika getting angry and kicks her out of the house. Saras frees Kabir first while Kumud looks on. The bomb activates. Saras says listen to me, I can’t go leaving you. Saras says we will live together and if we have to die, we will die together.

Saras cuts the bomb wire and they get saved. ther and if we have to die, we will die together. Saras cuts the bomb wire and they get saved. Yash apologizes to Danny for what Kalika did. Kusum says she always trusted Danny. Kumud and Saras come to a church to pray and thank the Lord. They bring Kabir back to Ratnagiri. Kalika calls Ghuman and tells her that he plan has flopped. Danny calls Ghuman and says I want to talk to you. Ghuman gets worried thinking now Danny will confront her. Everyone give a warm welcome to Kabir at the Desai house. Saras asks about Danny. Everyone gets tensed. Kumud asks what happened. Yash’s mum tells everything. Saras, Kumud and Kabir are shocked knowing Kalika accused Danny of rape and how she told about Ghuman making her do this.

Yash says its our mistake, to trust a girl like Kalika. Vidyachatur gets a call from hospital and tells Saras that Laxminandan is completely fine, he can get conscious anytime, we should go to hospital. Kabir says Menka told me that Laxminandan left my mum to die, I wanted to take revenge from him, and I felt he is the culprit so I did his accident. Saras says Ghuman exchanged you with a dead baby and cheated dad. He tells him everything. He says don’t blame yourself, when dad comes to know this, he will understand, she wanted to snatch you from dad and mum. Danny comes and hears everything. Saras and Kabir show their love to him and hugs him. The Vyas brothers unite. They plan to get Ghuman punished for her sins. Saras brings Kabir to meet Laxminandan. Kabir holds his dad’s hand and sits near him.

He says I love you dad. abir says dad you will be fine very soon. I used to give him injections to keep him in coma. Everyone is shocked and forgive Kabir. idyachatur talks to Yash saying marriage can’t break so easily. Saras, Kabir, Danny,Kumud and Kusum come to compliant against Ghuman in the police station. The inspector says it’s a big crime, but I can’t take your complaint. Saras asks why.The inspector asks do you have any proof. Saras says we have a witness, Menka. They all come home. Kalika shows the divorce papers to them and says Yash wants this, I can’t give him divorce Kumud speaks against Kalika.Everyone support Yash. Kalika signs the divorce papers and leaves in revenge mood. Saras pacifies Danny and asks him to support only the truth. Danny calls Ghuman at Chowk and calls the police there. Ghuman gets arrested there.

Danny gets disturbed and Saras supports him. Danny says I have someone who loves me like mum, I call him Bhaiya. Saras is touched by his words and hugs him. Laxminandan meets everyone at home. Saras hugs him and apologizes to him to his rude behavior before. Kabir looks at him stunned and folds his hand saying forgive me dad. Laxminandan says no, it was my weakness that I lost you and your mum, I can’t give life Saraswati, but give me a chance to give you your dad and home.Kumud gets vomiting and everyone assume she is pregnant. Guniyal says we will pretend as if we don’t know, we will hear the good news from them. Everyone does shopping for them, thinks of baby names, buy gifts and much more. Danny confronts Saras showing him a tshirt with Soon to be Daddy tag.

Saras says you are misunderstanding. Kumud says I had food poisoning, so doctor asked to do the tests. Saras says I got a business opportunity in morning, but we have to shift to Mumbai for six months. Kumud says I won’t leave Ratnagiri. Saras says Danny and Kabir will take care of dad’s business. Everyone tease Kabir asking does he have any girlfriend and talk about finding a good girl for him.Saras tries to convince Kumud to come with him to Mumbai. Will Kumud agree to leave Ratnagiri which has her roots? How will Kabir react seeing the family hunting a girl for him? Keep reading.