Astha saves Jyoti’s life from Abhay; Shlok and Astha get romantic in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Astha makes Anjali stand up for Jyoti, but fails. Anjali breaks down and cries confessing to Astha that she is bearing all the torture of Niranjan. She brings a door mat and kicks on it. She says this is my place. Anjali requests her to save Jyoti. Anjali says she has lost, as a mum and as a woman. Astha says no, a mum did not lose, you think your place is of door mat, you have an identity without Niranjan, your place is high as you are really beautiful person with a honest shining heart. Astha says I promise you I won’t let Jyoti go with Abhay. Abhay drags Jyoti to take her home calling her characterless.

He praises himself as a great man who is accepting such a bad woman in his life. Astha comes and stops him saying ritual excuse. Astha till then calls the police. The inspector comes and talks to Niranjan, The inspector says we got the news that your daughter is being mentally and physically tortured, and also had illegal way of abortion. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Abhay denies it. Jyoti tells the truth to everyone that Abhay has killed her two daughters till now and want to kill the third one too.

Jyoti says I will not stay with him, I swear on my daughter, please take him away from me, else this man will kill me and call it my suicide. Shlok sees Jyoti’s wounds and fumes. Niranjan stops Shlok from beating Abhay. Abhay says Jyoti I m your husband, this is our child. The police arrests Abhay. Jyoti slaps him and Abhay is taken away by the police. Niranjan talks to Anjali in their room and asks her to send Jyoti back with Abhay else it won’t be good for her. Anjali comes and asks Jyoti to leave their house as she is married and does not any right to stay in her Maayka. Shlok says Mrs. Agnihotri, you are forgetting your limits, how can you send her back to hell after knowing everything, are you not ashamed to call yourself our mum.

Shlok and Varad decide to leave the house as well to support Jyoti. Shlok and Varad hold Jyoti’s hands. Niranjan is shocked looking at them. He stops them and scolds Anjali for being so ruthless towards Jyoti and her child. He warns Anjali not to do this again else their family will break, her sons will also leave her. Niranjan asks Jyoti to stay with them. Shlok is happy with Niranjan. Niranjan talks to Anjali and asks her to send Jyoti soon, by making her feel she is a burden on them.

He says he is ashamed to have a daughter like her, this is why he hates woman. Astha hears this and decides to make him value Anjali and Jyoti, by playing his games with him. Varad asks Sid not to leave the job and thanks him for saving Jyoti’s life. Shlok and Varad spend good time with Jyoti and are happy. Shlok thanks Astha for bringing back Jyoti home. He says he trusts her more than himself. Shlok gets romantic and gets closer to Astha, she becomes shy and avoids him. Mrs. Naik comes home and asks Astha to give the good news soon.

Shlok too insists the same and asks Astha to love him for them to get a child. Shlok talks about their first night and Astha gets very much tensed. Astha makes Anjali jealous of Kalindi for taking care of Jyoti and sending laddoos for her. Anjali too makes the laddoos for Jyoti. Astha gives it to Jyoti and says Anjali made it. Anjali sees Jyoti happy and smiles. Anjali starts taking good care of Jyoti, but sometimes acts rude thinking about Niranjan.

Sid and Jyoti miss each other. Sid thinks how to meet Jyoti. He gets an idea to give Varad’s file at his home and meet Jyoti. He takes chaat for her which Jyoti likes a lot. Astha gives it to Jyoti and thinks Sid really cares for her. Astha talks to Jyoti about Shlok being annoyed with her. Shlok comes to Niranjan and says I told you there is a plot near Mahabaleshwar for our institute, the owner is a woman, so I was thinking I should take Astha. Niranjan comes and tells Shlok to cancel his trip ad they have to go Kolhapur for puja.

Shlok gets upset. Niranjan asks Anjali to take Jyoti’s sign on papers to take the complaint back and free Abhay. Shlok acts ill and dips the thermometer in tea. Astha comes running and says Baba, Shlok has very high fever 102. Everyone rush to see Shlok and his fever. Niranjan says fine, I will ask Guru ji to do the puja any other day, we can’t leave you. Shlok asks them to go, as Astha will take care of him. Everyone leave them alone at home and leave for Kohlapur. Shlok plans to spend some good time with Astha and take his marriage ahead. Will Astha and Shlok finally unite? Keep reading.