Shaurya shocked to see Durga with Payal; Sakshi warns Shaurya not to meet Durga again in Ek Haseena Thi

Durga meets Shaurya outside his house and takes him to the hospital to give him a surprise. He says I could not understand how to talk, after what all happened with Avantika. She says don’t give me any explanations, I m not your girlfriend, so relax. He says you are really special to me. She says Babjee can see today, as he will open his eyes after the surgery. Shaurya gets tensed and thinks of Sakshi’s warnings. She says when he sees you first he will be very happy, it’s a perfect surprise for him, this is happening because of you. She says come and takes him to Babjee. Shaurya hides his face.

Babjee opens his eyes and sees Shaurya. He says this can’t happen. He says doctor, I can’t see anything. Durga is shocked. The doctor says its impossible, your operation was successful, you should see. Shaurya smiles. Shaurya scolds the doctor. Shaurya comes home and tells Sakshi that Babjee is still blind. Sakshi says have you lost your mind, I have given warning to Babjee and you think you will dance infront of him. . Shaurya says he is blind, if you worry for me, then why is Babjee alive till now.Babjee can see and acted infront of Shaurya. Durga meets him and they laugh together thinking about Shaurya’s tensed face.

Akash comes to meet Sakshi. Sakshi says I will give you only 24 hours to get everything about Durga, what is her plan and what does she want, else you don’t come here to show your face. Akash follows Durga. Durga comes to meet Payal at the hospital. Akash sees them together and take their pics. Akash comes to Sakshi and Rajnath and shows them the pics. Sakshi and Rajnath are shocked to see Payal with Durga. Sakshi says see Rajnath, she is the one who was troubling me, this is what Durga is upto, she is digging our past. Rajnath says why will Durga do this. Sakshi sends the pics to Shaurya while he is with Durga. Shaurya is shocked and imagines hurting Durga and molesting her in his anger.

Durga takes him to meet Payal. Shaurya is shocked seeing Payal with Durga. Payal shouts seeing him. Shaurya gets tensed and leaves. He comes home and tells everything to Sakshi and Rajnath. He says maybe its just a coincidence as Durga does social work. Raima comes and tells Sakshi that her tarot card reader chose the death card for Goenkas. Sakshi gets tensed. Raima says it can mean death of your past, and a new start. She said your past will come infront of you, and its powerful, you have to identify it.Sakshi comes to meet Mathur to ask about Nitya. Mathur says Nitya was dead as his goons told him the same. Sakshi asks Akash to confirm with the goons. Akash brings Nitya’s death certificate and Sakshi is relieved. Durga meets Shaurya and confronts him for being involved in Payal’s rape case.

Shaurya thinks to make a fake story. He acts like crying. I will tell you the whole story, then you decide who is victim and culprit. She says in rape, the victim is always a woman. He says what pain, when there was no rape. Durga says what. He says Payal was my driver’s daughter who used to stay in our servant’s quarters. Payal and I became friends, Payal thought its love. I was a fool to flow in her emotions and we did a mistake.

He says we had physical relations. Payal showed her real color, she pressurized me for marriage and blackmailed me. He says she accused me of rape. He says Payal was characterless. Durga gets angry. Akash comes to see Payal and gets her medical reports. Durga has changed the reports with fake ones. Sakshi gets those reports and is happy knowing Payal can’t get well again, she will always be mental. Shaurya comes to Sakshi and tells her how he has fooled Durga with a fake story about Payal. She scolds him for meeting Durga again. Rajnath supports Shaurya and asks Sakshi not to over think.

Durga calls Sakshi and asks her to meet her tomorrow morning for some important talk. Sakshi feels she is cancelling the cancer research project deal. The Goenkas get tensed. Rajnath scolds Shaurya for all this. Next day, they meet in the office. Durga tells them to relax, as its good news, the deal is final now. Rajnath is very happy. Dayal requests Rajnath to make sure Shaurya stays away from Durga. Shaurya is shocked. What will be Durga’s next move now? How will Shaurya win Durga and his bet with his friends? Keep reading.