Sandhya and Zakir are given Rajkumar’s shifting duty; Rajkumar plans to take revenge from Sooraj and Sandhya in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Vikram is devastated and talks to his family by the worst thing Meenakshi did to them, by swapping the babies. He says I m human, I don’t know whom to keep relation with, one is blood related and other is related by heart. He says I m feeling very helpless now, this swapping has broken me, it ruined everything. Sooraj says I know Meenakshi did the mistake, but its not right to point on her mum’s love, this truth would have not come out if her motherly love did not get awakened. Sandhya says yes, Meenakshi loved Kanha a lot, she knew the truth but has loved him equally, its true she has hurt us by hiding this, but she has stopped the child marriage and saved Misri, and proves mum’s love can sacrifice any greed.

Vikram says I will never forgive her, all my life. Chavi and Dilip come to them. Chavi meets Kanha and sees Misri. She says its great Misri became guest here. Sandhya says Chavi is part of our family, so we should not hide anything from her. Chavi comes to know everything. She says Kanha is mine and pacifies Vikram. The rakhi ceremony is going on. Sooraj brings Meenakshi home. Taisa comes to Bhabho’s house and shouts stop. Everyone look at her. Misri does the aarti, helped by Sandhya. Daisa says Kanha, strangers don’t tie rakhi. Misri holds Daisa’s hand and asks her to take her home. Daisa holds both of them and everyone looks on. Daisa leaves Misri’s hand and asks Bhabho to keep her. Everyone try to stop Daisa, but she takes Kanha and leaves. Sandhya asks Chavi to tie rakhis to her brothers.

The rakhi ceremony goes on. Zakir comes and Bhabho asks is everything fine. He says he came to meet Sandhya, as SP Sir has asked them to go Jaipur for a special work. Sandhya says love and forgiveness come together if you love someone truly you will understand and forgive them. Suraj smiles and tells that he will always forgive her mistakes as he loves her so much. Sandhya says no, I have to go for legal work, I can’t go with Sooraj, I have to go with my team. Someone takes Sandhya’s pics as she reaches Jaipur. Sooraj reaches for the GCC contest. Sooraj is also clicked by the same man. Sooraj walks in the food festival event. They check all the pics.

Sandhya and Zakir are stunned seeing Officer Singh and greet her. Officer Singh says she has called them here, as she mentioned in Pushkar that she is going to Jaipur for a important mission. She says about dangerous criminal who will be moved from Jaipur to Pushpar and then hanged to death, so she has chosen both of them. She praises them and says that’s why she chose them, as they both are fearless. Officer Singh says he is very smart, his mind works as computer, he can be infront of your eyes and fool you.

She asks them to be alert and don’t follow his thoughts, think 10 steps ahead of him. Meenakshi misses Kanha and feels she should go to Taisa’s house and bring Kanha, but she can’t do anything. Bhabho comes home and sees Pari and Misri playing. Sandhya goes to see him. The criminal then shows his face and Sandhya is shocked seeing him. Sandhya thinks he is Rajkumar, who entered their family and Bhabho trusted him, and kept him at Sooraj’s shop. Rajkumar cheated them. He was about to kill Sooraj, and Sandhya has got him caught in police. Sooraj has given the presentation well and looks for Disha. He finds out and goes to the conference hall to thank her.

Disha comes and greets him. She says she will help him in communication. She says she is a photographer too and holds her camera. Rajkumar says he misses them a lot, command me if there is anything. Rajkumar asks did you not apply mahendi on Teej, its wrong, did Bhabho not teach you it’s a sign of Suhaag, you should not do any Abshagun with it, as anything may happen anytime. Rajkumar says he wants to return their favor, together or one by one. Sandhya and Zakir take Rajkumar. He asks them to take him to Pushkar, as he misses Rathi family a lot. Vikram sees a woman wounded and saying he will kill me. Her husband comes looking for her. The woman hides and Vikram saves her.

She says her name is Prema and that man is my husband. She tells her sad story and Vikram feels bad for her. Sooraj and Disha are on the way to Pushkar and stop at the Dhaba. Rajkumar says he has to go to loo. Sandhya, Zakir bring Rajkumar to the same Dhaba. What will Rajkumar do to take his revenge? Keep reading.