Ayesha promises Avantika to unite Adi and Poonam for Adi’s happiness in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayesha is avoiding Adi and feeling hurt herself. Ambika tells Mama that she is tensed to see the three girls. Ambika does not like any and when she is going to the ashram, a girl named Poonam whom matchmaker suggested meets her, and takes her home as she falls down before her car. Diwakar talks to Ambika. She says Avantika took the right decision. Diwakar says how can we spoil someone’s daughter’s life. Ambika says Avantika is Adi’s son, and Ayesha used Pankhudi’s face and I don’t want to argue. Rubel gives Rs 5 lakhs to Ayesha for her work. She talks to him about Payal.

He says he can’t forgive her now, as he has always forgiven her. She asks him to try again for the last time, and tells her plan. She tells about red light area women. Adi tells this to Ayesha and asks her to send Harish soon. Adi comes to help Avantika. Harish and Ayesha join them. Avantika is stunned seeing Ayesha. Harish says I brought her. Avantika discusses the problem. The women needs accommodation, and they are 400, and its tough to keep them. Ayesha argues with Mr Srivastav who speaks against those women. Ayesha says if we don’t hear them, they won’t change. Avantika looks at Ayesha and asks him can we keep these women in our Kullu’s apartments.

Ambika likes Poonam a lot and sees Pankhudi in her. Nafisa says I want to do this, as I want you and Payal to unite, and I really want to help out. Rubel says I m really thankful to you. Ayesha tells him the plan to show Payal that he is having an affair with Nafisa, when Payal realizes that her husband is going far, she will change. Rubel thanks her. Ambika calls Avantika and says she liked a girl and she feels she can take Pankhudi’s place. Avantika says this is good news and shares with Ayesha. Nani asks Ayesha what is troubling her, don’t lie and don’t hide. Ayesha says nothing. Nani says her day is complete seeing her. Ayesha is upset. Ayesha lies to her. Ambika says Poonam is going to Mumbai to attend a seminar, as she wants to become a big homeo doctor.

Avantika invites them to Mumbai. Poonam’s pic comes and Avantika takes it. She says that’s for me, see its Poonam, the girl we have chosen for Adi. Ayesha is shocked. Ayesha says she is nice, very beautiful. Avantika says I hope she is perfect for Adi. Its good news for you, start your packing, as Poonam is coming to Mumbai. Avantika reminds her promise. Adi sees Ayesha crying. He asks what happened. She hugs him. He asks what is the matter, you have to tell me. She says nothing serious, I was missing my mum. He says I understand you miss your mum, girls leave their family and house, even identity, they give up so easily.

He says I know the feeling when your loved one goes far, I asked this to Pankhudi. He says Pankhudi is very far from me that stars look closer. mbika and Poonam come to Mumbai. Ambika says thanks for agreeing to stay in Diwaan Mansion. Poonam says she will shift soon, as its not good to stay at other’s house. Ayesha says Rubel is at HillView restaurant with someone. Sheela asks with whom. Payal gets a doubt. Payal goes to meet him and sees him with Nafisa. She calls Nafisa shameless and asks her to get lost.

He reminds her that they are strangers now and she should not be concerned about it. Rubel scolds Payal. Ambika comes to Diwaan Mansion. Sheela and Nani are glad to see her. Avantika comes and welcomes her. Avantika says Ambika’s niece Poonam will also stay here. Avantika and Ambika come to meet Poonam. Avantika says Ayesha is Pankhudi’s lookalike, it’s a long story, but I will tell you everything. Poonam says why did you hide this from me. Avantika says their marriage is just on paper, and Ayesha wants to leave Adi. She says she is going to take her luggage from Diwaan Mansion and will leave from there. Ambika says we have to stop Poonam, she is good for Adi.

Poonam comes to Diwaan Mansion. Ayesha comes and greets her asking her to come. Poonam asks who is she. Ayesha says I m Ayesha. Poonam is stunned. Ayesha says I know you are Poonam and I want to talk to you. Poonam says I don’t want to come in between you and Adi. Ayesha says we don’t have any relation in between us. She says our marriage was a compromise, for me and Adi. He regards me a friend, you tell me how can I manage it always. Poonam says you have to try.

Ambika says I m afraid if Ayesha does not keep her promise. Poonam thinks how to handle this, Ayesha wants to break her marriage, its strange and Adi has no idea about it. I will first meet Adi and then decide. Ayesha tries to make Adi meet Poonam, but does not, as her heart stops her. Poonam meets the family and impresses them. Will Ayesha give up her love? Keep reading.