Ranvi forgives Nihaal as Veera explains him about Sampooran’s accidental death in Veera

Baldev brings Nihaal to his home to make him stay in their house. Bansuri and Balwant are shocked seeing Nihaal. Bansuri smiles and thinks Nihaal is still hot, he is evergreen just like me. Ratan says Veera has brought him back in this Pind, in our life. Chaiji says I don’t know she did right or wrong. Ratan says she did not do wrong, this had to happen some day, Ranvi’s bitterness has to come one day, he can come out of this pain when he forgives Nihaal. Ranvi. Ratan says Veera can’t cheat Ranvi. She says she is trying to make a broken relation unite, she is trying to unite Ranvi and Nihaa to end their pain.

Gunjan talks to Ranvi and says your anger is justified. He says he forgot Veera’s birthday and Rakhi day and he has scolded Veera a lot. Veera comes to her room and sees the decorations. He says sorry as he has hurt her on her birthday. Veera hugs him. Veera asks him to forgive Nihaal, but Ranvi refuses, saying he can give his life but can’t forgive Nihaal. Baldev says you want to show Ranvi the goodness of Nihaal. She shows him Nihaal working on their site. Baldev says great, he came to help us without telling us. Nihaal says Ranvi is right, I can understand his feelings, I m doing this for my friend Sampooran and his dream. He will always be my friend, whatever people think.

Ranvi hears this and looks at Nihaal working. Ranvi gets a call from Ratan, and says she was going to Panchayat on tractor, and its wheel is stuck in a dirt mud hole. Ranvi says I m coming and goes with Veera. Nihaal comes to Ratan and they look at each other after a very long time. He says I can help. He brings the tractor out. Ranvi comes there and is angry seeing Nihaal. Nihaal says it looks like its time for me to leave. Nihaal says I know he will not forgive me, he is right on his terms, I m happy that you tried to unite us, maybe Lord wants this. Veera says we have just one day, we have to do in between independence day celebrations at any cost. Veera requests everyone that she wants everyone to forget all mistakes done by others and give other another chance and fill lives with happiness.

She asks Ranvi and Nihaal to open the flag. Baldev calls Ranvi to make him busy on phone. Veera goes and stands infront of Ranvi’s tractor. Ranvi sees her and shouts Veera. Baldev saves Veera. Ranvi says I would have not forgiven myself and punished myself whole life. Veera says Nihaal is also doing this. Veera tells what happened with Nihaal and how their dad died. She says it was not Nihaal’s mistake, it was just an accident. Nihaal meets Veera and sits in the taxi to leave. Ranvi comes infront of the taxi to stop him. Veera and Baldev are glad seeing him. Ranvi says but Veera made me realize that you just did the mistake.

He says you have left us for this, you went far from everyone, spend life alone and punished yourself. Ranvi says I won’t let you go back to your lonely life, you will be here with us, I won’t let you go anywhere Nihaal Chachu. Nihaal hugs Ranvi crying. Baldev holds Veera and she smiles. Ranvi says forgive me, I have hurt you a lot and spoke badly. Nihaal says you don’t know how much happy I m today. Ranvi and Veera bring Nihaal home. Nihaal is happy as Chaiji and Ratan cook his fav food. Few days passes and Nihaal decides to go back to Poland, and tells this to everyone. . Ranvi comes to Nihaal and sees him looking at his and Veera’s childhood pic and talking to them.

Nihaal says I m sorry, I don’t want to go far from you, but I can’t stay here, you have forgiven me, but if I stay here, I will remind you about the past pain. I have to go for you all, far from you all, to a place where only your memories will be there to spend my life. Nihaal cries and packs the bag. Ranvi and Veera use the childhood pics to stop Nihaal from going. Nihaal says he has to go and leaves. Everyone get upset. Nihaal comes back and says he can’t leave his life here, as they all are his life. They all become happy. Ranvi is glad as his album is releasing soon and everyone is excited. Veera thinks why did they not call Ranvi for the launch, its strange, maybe they released online. Baldev and Veera go on a date in a city disco and the cuty guys make fun of them. What will happen with Ranvi’s music album? Keep reading.