Sandhya comes to attend Chavi’s marriage in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Its Roma’s birthday. Sandhya and Rahul give her a surprise and take her to the pub to celebrate her birthday well. Rahul tells Roma that he is giving a party because he wants to celebrate his victory in the cycle race. Roma feels no one remembers her birthday, but she is surprised by them when they wish her happy birthday. Roma gets dressed in a western outfit which is quite short. A man seeing her short dress misbehaves with her and tries to touch her with a bad intention. Rahul stops the man and warns him not to misbehave. Rahul is about to beat the man but Sandhya stops him. The man further makes Rahul angry by speaking ill about the character of modern girls, who wear short dresses and attract men.

Sandhya asks Rahul not to react. Rahul tells the man that he is an IPS cadet. The man does not believe him and asks him to show his ID card. Rahul shows his ID card and the man is shocked. Sandhya stops Rahul from using his powers and leaves with Rahul and Roma. They get into the academy before the gate closes at night. They are worried as it can be a problem if Officer Singh knows about this. Someone in the pub records the arguments and passes it to the news channels saying the IPS cadets were drunk and have beaten up the civilians.

Officer Singh sees the news and is very angry on Sandhya, Rahul and Roma. At home, Bhabho, Babasa, Sooraj and everyone see the news on TV and are shocked. They worry about Sandhya and her image. Bhabho worries about Sandhya’s ambition to get the Best Cadet Trophy. Bhabho feels this incident may harm Sandhya and is tensed. Officer Singh calls Sandhya, Rahul and Roma and scolds them for this incident. Rahul tells her everything that it was not their mistake as the man misbehaved with Roma. He says we did not beat him and we were not drunk, you can test our blood.

Officer Singh believes Rahul but says she has to punish them for ruining the police academy image and name. Officer Singh says you all will be punished on this weekend and it will be a severe physical punishment. Sandhya gets tensed thinking Chavi’s marriage is also on this weekend. Sooraj calls Sandhya. Bhabho talks to Sandhya and asks her to come to video chat as she wants to talk to her face to face. Sandhya comes to video chat and tells Bhabho that she is innocent and did not do anything that would bring the family name down. Bhabho says I trust you and I know my bahu can never drink wine. Sandhya is relieved but worried a bit about telling Bhabho that she can’t come in the marriage. She hides it from Bhabho.

Sandhya asks Officer Singh to review her leave application and accept it allowing her to go for the marriage. She asks her to change the date of the punishment. Officer Singh scolds her and says your leave application is cancelled. Sandhya is shocked. Sandhya informs this to Sooraj and asks him to tell this to Bhabho. Bhabho comes to Sooraj and hears him talking to Sandhya on phone. Bhabho misunderstands and asks Sooraj not to worry as she understands Sandhya’s problem. Sooraj thinks Bhabho is not angry knowing Sandhya is not getting leave and is happy.

Kavita meets Bhabho in the market and tells her about Sandhya’s punishment on the weekend and her leave application getting rejected. She says I have proved your bahu innocent and have published an article in the newspaper. She asks Bhabho to forgive her infront of the whole Pushkar and give vote for her so that everyone can vote for her. She promises Bhabho that she will make Sandhya get the Best Cadet Trophy and also help her in getting a posting in Pushkar which is Bhabho’s dream to see Sandhya and Sooraj together in Pushkar. Kavita tells Bhabho about Sandhya’s bad performances in the academy.

Bhabho gets worried and accepts her proposal. She forgives Kavita infront of everyone and asks everyone to support Kavita and her party. Everyone are shocked. Sandhya convinces Officer Singh to allow her to attend Chavi’s marriage and is packing to come home happily. What will Sandhya do when she comes to know about Bhabho’s deal with Kavita? Keep reading.