Poonam to kick out Pooja from Jai’s life in Ek Ghar Banaunga

After Poonam and Akash decided to take Kanno and Jai on a picnic with the family, so that they can clear their difference and unite. Mangla tries hard to create a fight between Poonam and Kanno. She hides a ticket and also a plate and tells Kanno that Poonam did not want to bring you here with us. She says Poonam does not count you in our family, so she did this to exclude you from this get together. Kanno only thinks about Jai and does not think about what Mangla is saying. Poonam and Akash write a letter for Jai and Kanno to ask them to come to a place. Pooja also waits for Jai at the same place. Kanno reads the letter and thinks Jai wants to patch up and is very happy.

She proceeds to the place. Jai meets Pooja there and hugs her. Pooja and Jai have a kiss in public behind the tree. Akash, Poonam and Kanno are shocked to see them kissing. Akash now comes to know that Poonam was right about Jai having an affair. Akash supports Kanno. Kanno drags Jai holding his collar and pushes him infront of his family. Everyone are shocked seeing Jai on the ground and asks Kanno what is the matter. Kanno tells them that Jai was with Pooja and they are really having an affair. She tells them that she was not wrong and her doubt on Jai was right. Pooja comes there. Jai admits that he loves Pooja and wants to spend the rest of his life with Pooja. Everyone are stunned.

Jai says he can’t keep up his marriage with Kanno anymore as he does not love Kanno now. Kanno starts crying. Poonam pacifies her. Jai puts all the blame of his act on Kanno saying she is not the right woman for me, she made me helpless and I had to do this as I did not get any love from her. He says he found true love in Pooja’s heart and wants to stay with her. Shashikant gets angry and beats him. People see them having this issue and starts gossiping about their family. Akash asks Shashikant to cool down as they can talk at home. Jai leaves with Pooja.

Pooja asks Jai to go to his home and not leave his family. Jai comes home but everyone are against him. Mangla taunts Kanno just like Jai and blames her for not keeping her husband happy encouraging him to have an affair. Poonam says I will always support Kanno and she is not wrong, Jai is wrong, he is doing the wrong thing by having the affair. Kanno sees Poonam’s goodness and feels ashamed. Shashikant kicks out Jai from the house. Everyone try to stop Jai but he leaves in anger. Kanno breaks down.

Jai goes to Pooja’s house with his luggage. Pooja thinks what did he do, now she won’t get any money from him, if his dad disowns him from his business, then he will be bankrupt. She asks Jai to get back to his family and business by apologizing to everyone. She tells him sweetly and does not show him her real intentions. Jai is fooled by her and does as she says. He goes back home and apologizes to everyone. Even then Shashikant does not forgive him and asks him just to stay at home and not interfere in his business matters.

Kanno asks Shashikant to forgive Jai and give him a chance. Mangla asks Kanno to woo Jai by attracting him by her beauty. Kanno gets into her words and dances in the room to attract Jai. Jai pushes her away when she hugs him. He scolds her for doing this cheap trick to get his love and asks her not to show her face again to him. Kanno leaves the house crying but Poonam stops her and says I will support you, you do as I say and I promise you will get Jai back. Poonam promises Shashikant that she will make everything fine in just one month of time.

Akash and Poonam have an argument over this tension at home. Poonam asks Akash to believe her as she knows Pooja’s truth that she is only after Jai’s money, which she hears when she goes to meet Pooja. Will Poonam be successful in kicking out Pooja from Jai’s life? Keep reading.