Kunal and Shraddha engaged in Meri Bhabhi

We have seen the over romantic and dramatic Kunal asking Shraddha to tell him I love you. Shraddha like every girl is an introvert. She refuses to tell him. He asks her to tell him the three golden words which he wants to hear it from her since long time. He asks her to come to a shopping mall on the valentine’s day and confess her love. Shraddha agrees to meet him and goes to the shopping mall. Zor and Amrit are at a restaurant celebrating Valentine’s day. The youngsters see them and are happy seeing their love and bonding at that age. Anand and Kittu are in the same shopping mall in which Kunal is waiting for Shraddha. Kunal meets Shraddha and confesses his love for her infront of thousands of people.

Anand and Kittu are happy being together. Anand buys a necklace for her and she asks him to make her wear it. Anand is shy but she asks him to go ahead and not care what will people think. Anand makes her wear it and she is happy. Anand and Kittu see Kunal and Shraddha having romance in public. Kittu says see my brother is so romantic. Anand looks at them. Kunal tries hard to convince Shraddha to confess her love but she does not listen to her. In order to make her say, he hangs on a cloth rope and everyone are shocked to see his guts. Shraddha asks him to come down. He says I won’t come till you say I love you to me. He slips a bit to scare her, and she at last says I love you Kunal. He asks her to repeat it for her till he is satisfied. Shraddha says I love you Kunal loudly. Kunal says now I will come down as I have heard what I wanted to. He is about to get down, the rope breaks and he falls. Shraddha shouts Kunal and closes her eyes.

Kunal lands well and does not get hurt. Everyone clap for him. Kunal comes to Shraddha and hugs her in public. Shraddha smiles being shy just like her brother Anand. Kittu and Anand are seeing them together and in so much love. They come home. Purshottam agrees for the relation and asks everyone to keep the Roka soon and lets do it without informing Kamini as she may try to stop it. He says Kamini will never understand this and maybe after the Roka happens, I can convince her. Everyone agrees with Purshottam. Kunal and Shraddha are very happy.

Everyone decide to hide it from Kamini. Shraddha feels bad as she is also a mum and would be hurt if Dhruv does the same with her. She asks Kunal to let Kamini know about their relation and the Roka. Kunal says even he is feeling bad about this hiding thing and goes to tell the truth to Kamini. Purshottam stops Kunal from saying anything and changes the topic. Kunal and Shraddha feel that maybe the time is not right. Amrit and Kittu hide the fact from jaya also. The Roka day comes. Shraddha gets ready in a beautiful suit. Amrit and Zor are very happy seeing her, as in her last marriage they were not with her in any function as Shraddha married against their wish.

Zor talks to Shraddha and tells about her marriage with Kunal. Jaya hears this and informs Kamini as soon as possible. Kamini is shocked and comes to Shergill house to confront he husband Purshottam and son Kunal. Everyone are stunned to see her. Kamini fumes in anger and says everyone have outlined her as no one feels she is important, even though she is Kunal’s mum. Everyone apologize to her and tells her that they did not wish to do this. They ask her to accept the relation happily and let the Roka happen peacefully. She ruins the place with her anger. Everyone are upset.

Purshottam tells her that he will break his relation with her if she does not agree. Kittu and Anand also try to convince her. Dhruv also talks to Kamini and requests her to agree for Shraddha’s marriage with Kunal. Kamini agrees at last and this makes everyone happy and smiling. Kunal and Shraddha do their Roka and their engagement also happens in everyone’s presence and with everyone’s consent. Kunal and Shraddha are finally to be united. Has Kamini really accepted Shraddha? Will Kunal and Shraddha get married? Stay tuned.