The sultry Ghuman is back in Saraswatichandra

This week was remarkable for the show Saraswatichandra and its loving fans. Ghuman, everyone’s favorite vamp entered the show with a bang. She made the entry on Monday, the first episode of the week. While the fans were very happy to see her back, the Desai family was shocked to see her as she was not invited by them. Ghuman makes an entry shouting on everyone that there is a mistake. While everyone was discussing that there was no one’s intentional mistake in Laxminandan’s accident. She shouts that there was Kabir’s mistake who has hit Laxminandan. There was Kumud’s mistake that she invited Laxminandan to Ratnagiri for her marriage.

She says it was Saras’s mistake that he did not love his father. She says its yours mistake that you have let this accident happen. She is furious that Laxminandan is batting with his life and is in coma. She says we can’t say when will he come out of the coma. The doctor tells Saras that it may take even months for Laxminandan to be fine. Ghuman is angry on seeing Kumud married to Saras. She still does not know about Danny and Kusum’s marriage. Ghuman asks everyone where is Danny while he is with Laxminandan at the hospital. Everyone decide not to tell Ghuman about their marriage as she is already stressed and tensed, she may not accept Kusum at this time and things may go worse if they hurry up.

Ghuman goes to the hospital to see Laxminandan and is shocked to see his state. She is angry on the Desai family and Kabir. Kabir comes to her and tells her he is the one who has done this accident. She scolds Kabir. Kabir starts liking her from the first sight of her though she is double his age. We have to see what is Kabir upto. In the next episodes, it is shown that Kabir tries to be around her. He helps her by saving her from the goons. He wants to stick to her, it is not clear till now what his real intentions are. He acts sweet to her while she hates him for hitting Laxminandan.

Kabir saves Danny from the goons as well. The whole family is thankful to Kabir and brings him to the Desai house. Kabir is happy that he got a place in Desai house. His target was not only Laxminandan, but also the Desai family. We have to see what is his past and what are the reasons for his hatred and revenge. Kabir tells Laxminandan that he won’t let him die so easily. Saras is happy to bring Kabir at the house. Saras invites Kabir for dinner at his home and asks Kumud to cook well for him. Kabir solves a big problem of Vidyachatur. His order was getting cancelled by a party and the stock was getting waste. Kabir saves their resources and gives them a big order. Kabir continues to do favors on them and they are burdened by his fake goodness. Everyone are happy in Kabir’s presence.

Danny drops Kusum at her dad’s house and asks her to be there till Ghuman goes back to Dubai or till he discloses the fact to her about their marriage. Kusum agrees happily. They start missing each other and have a hug when they meet outside the house. Everyone see Kusum’s love for Danny and are happy that she is over Saras now. Ghuman taunts Kusum and says its good Danny did not marry a village girl. She says before Danny does something like this, I will take him away from here soon. Kusum gets worried.

Kabir comes to Saras’s house for dinner. Ghuman is applying kajal to her eyes and gets hurt. Kabir walks in her room and gets closer to her blowing in her eyes. Ghuman makes some distance from her. He tells her how rocking she looks and half her age that she can make heads turn. Kabir praises her beauty. Kumud and Saras asks him about his business. Kabir says he has export and import business and he deals with the quality check. He plans to use Ghuman against the Desai family. What will Ghuman do when she comes to know about Danny and Kusum’s marriage? What is Kabir’s plans? Will Saras and Kumud try to stop Kabir from his evil intentions? Keep reading.