Raman tackles Romi for making Mihika’s MMS and doing Mrs. Iyer’s accident in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Vandu asks Bala about the Romi’s incident. Bala tells her everything clearly and that he wanted to grab the whole gang but Romi played a smart move at the final moment. Vandu talks to Amma (Mrs. Iyer) and tells her everything. Amma tells her to support Bala as he is a good guy and she will not tell anything to Ishita. Ishita comes and hears her. She asks Amma what is she hiding about Bala. Amma tells her everything and asks her not to tell this to Raman. Ishita goes to talk to Romi and confronts him. Romi does not answer him and takes Simmi’s support.

Simmi argues with Ishita, as Romi is her brother and she will always be on his side. Mr. Bhalla takes Bala’s side. Raman comes to know this matter and scolds Romi. Simmi asks Raman not to believe Ishita, but Romi. Raman tells everyone that he knows Romi very well and how much he studies. Raman confronts Romi but Romi gets tensed and finally leaves. Ishita stops him and asks him to admit his mistake, as this would ruin Bala’s career and image forever. Romi does not care and asks her to choose between him and Bala. Ishita chooses him and tells him that she will take his side if he tells her the truth. Romi refuses to say anything and leaves.

Ishita stops Raman from beating Romi which makes him more angry. Raman asks her to do what she wants and not to involve him in this matter. Ishita sees the media coming to get the news on Bala and asks Raman to manage the situation by using his contacts. She requests him to save Bala’s image and stop his news from spreading. Raman talks to Tannu and asks her not to leak this news. Ishita thanks him for saving her family’s respect. Amma sees the kids playing on Romi’s laptop and goes to shut it. Suddenly a video starts playing and Amma is shocked to see Mihika’s MMS and understands Romi has made it to defame her and Mihir.

Amma gets angry and thinks to tell this to Ishita. She calls Ishita but could not talk. Amma goes to Ishita’s clinic to tell her everything, but meets Simmi first asking her about Romi and telling what crime he did. Simmi informs Romi and asks him to tackle the situation. While Amma is on the way, she is hit by a white car and her head starts bleeding. Luckily, Raman passes by and sees Amma wounded. He is shocked and rushes her to the hospital. He calls Ishita and her family asking them to come to the city hospital soon. Raman supports Appa and gives him strength to bear this bad news. He also pays the medical bills as Appa can’t afford it. Ishita comes to know this and thanks Raman.

Amma gets treated and names Romi when she gets her senses. She tells Ishita that Romi has Mihika’s MMS. Ishita gets the video in Romi’s laptop and shows it to Raman. Raman gets angry knowing he made the MMS and now did the accident. Raman goes home and tells this to everyone. They get shocked and start praying for Romi not to be involved in this, else it will be a big problem. Simmi asks Romi to run away and hide at Bunty’s farmhouse. Romi runs away. Raman hears Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla talking about Romi being at the farmhouse and tells Ishita that he will bring him.

Parmeet comes to meet Romi at the farmhouse as Simmi asked him to. Parmeet forwards his hand asking Romi to join him and become against Raman and Ishita. Romi scolds him for trying to molest Ishita and scolds him. Romi tells him that he can never go against Raman, no matter even if he lands in jail. Parmeet scares Romi and tells him that Raman will not favor him over Ishita and his life would be in jail and only he can save him now.

Romi refuses his offer and takes Raman and Ishita’s side. Parmeet tries to influence him much to make him come in his words, but Romi does not get fooled. Romi asks Parmeet to leave before he forgets he is his Jiju. Parmeet laughs off seeing how silly is Romi to expect good from Raman and Ishita. Just then Raman enters and is shocked to see Romi with Parmeet. Rimi gets tensed seeing him. What will Raman do now? Did Romi really did Amma’s accident? Keep reading.