Astha comes to know Sid loves Jyoti; Niranjan angry on Astha for bringing changes in his house in Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Astha comes to know about Sid and Jyoti’s love story which is one sided as of now. She sees the pics taken in the Godh Bharai function and comes to know that Sid has taken only Jyoti’s pics, and no one else. She thinks Sid is in love with Jyoti and recollects their talk and thinks she has seen love in Sid’s eyes. She comes to meet Jyoti and asks her does she also love Sid. Jyoti says no, as she is at a turning point in her life, where her daughter is most important.

She says if she met him before her marriage, she would have surely loved such a humble and honest man. Jyoti tells Astha not to tell this to anyone. Astha understands that even Jyoti loves Sid but is denying being afraid of the society, but she will bring them closer and make their lovely union. Sid talks to Kalindi about Jyoti’s Sulbha Tai trying to kill her. Kalindi pacifies him and tells him it would be tough for Jyoti to marry him against her family. Sid gets upset.

Shlok asks Astha to give him a daughter like Jyoti Taai. He gets romantic and the couple has some good moments together. Shlok asks Astha to come with him to office as he feels lonely there. Astha agrees and they get ready in the morning to go to office. Shlok tells Niranjan that Astha is also coming in the meeting. Niranjan calls Anjali and asks her to stop Astha from coming to office. Anjali tries hard but Astha knows why is Anjali stopping her, so she goes to office being adamant. Astha goes in the meeting. Niranjan asks everyone to suggest a name for the scholarship, and Astha takes Anjali’s name which annoys Niranjan.

He praises Astha infront of everyone when she names Saraswati but after everyone leaves, he fumes. Shlok apologizes to Niranjan from Astha’s side and supports her. Niranjan comes home and scolds Anjali for not being able to stop Astha and tells her how Astha suggested her name for scholarships. Anjali asks Astha why did she do this, and this may harm her and Shlok’s relation, as Niranjan cares for no one’s happiness, he may ask Shlok to choose between him and you, then what will you do. Shlok loves his dad a lot and will choose him. Astha asks her not to worry and tells her that the change has begun and Niranjan can’t stop it.

Sid comes to meet Jyoti and they have a talk. Astha sees them together again and asks Sid does he love Jyoti. Sid says yes which shocks Astha and she tells him that she will help him in getting his love. Sid thanks her happily and leaves. Astha calls Kalindi asking her why did she hide this from her. Kalindi tells her as its about Jyoti and they can’t take risk. Kalindi tells Avdhoot that Sid loves Jyoti, and its nothing wrong if he marries her. Avdhoot tells her that by doing this, Niranjan can make Astha’s life hell, so we have to be careful. Sojal asks Kavya not to take part in the fancy dress competition as it is against the house rules.

Kavya cries and tells this to Astha. Astha assures her that she will help her and makes her prepare for the competition without telling anyone expect Shlok. Shlok asks her to take Niranjan’s permission but Astha says why to bother him for such a small thing. Niranjan is invited as the chief guest at Kavya’s school function. Astha gets tensed and tries to stop Kavya. She has given Niranjan’s stick to Kavya asking her to break it. The function starts and Kavya shocks everyone. Niranjan gets angry seeing Kavya breaking his stick by which he beats Anjali. Niranjan gives the first prize to Kavya and leaves angrily.

He comes home and gets angry on Anjali. Kavya comes to him and he asks her who taught her this drama and who gave her the stick. Kavya names Astha and Niranjan understands that all the sudden changes in the house is brought by Astha. He gets angry and talks to Astha. He scolds Astha and asks her to mind her own business else it won’t be good for her and Shlok’s relation. Astha gets upset and comes to Shlok. Shlok scolds her for going against Niranjan. Astha apologizes to him and feels lost to Niranjan. What will Niranjan do now? Will he spare Astha knowing she is the root cause of all problems in his house? Keep reading.