Saras and Kumud land in Mumbai after solving the school matter in Saraswatichandra

Anushka and Kabir have a verbal fight very often and end up taunting each other. Saras talks to the teachers and asks them to do something to bring back the kids to the school. They together talk to the parents and tries to convince them to send their kids to school to give them a good future and education. The parents are not convinced as they care for the kid’s life more. Anushka gives Saras an idea to use the drama platform to talk to the kids and their parents. Danny, Kabir, Anushka support Saras in his drama and they try to explain the parents the need and importance of education is a child’s life. They start leaving not listening to the play. Kumud calls Saras and tells him that she is coming to Ratnagiri with the inspection officers. Saras gets alert as he did not tell her he is still in Ratnagiri.

Danny and Kabir pick up Kumud and the inspection officer wasting time to get Saras’s nod to bring them to school. Kumud is puzzled thinking what happened to Danny and Kabir. They finally come to the school and Kumud is surprised to see Saras. They are happy seeing all the kids back in school and their good progress. The parents thank Saras that the kids made them adamant to bring them to school by seeing Saras’s play. Kumud thanks Saras and is impressed as he did her work in Ratnagiri and did not go to Mumbai. Kumud comes home with the good news. Saras and Kumud give credit to each other. Badimaa says Kumud and Saras are incomplete without each other, if they meet, they can do anything.

Saras gets Mehta’s call and says I will come Mumbai tomorrow. Saras looks at Kumud and says I understand whats going on in your heart, its fine if you don’t want to come Mumbai, see I have to go, I have committed them, I promise I will come back soon. Kabir and Anushka walk in opposite directions with bad leg and they think they are copying each otherm but they both have a reason, Kabir gets his feet hurt and Anushka gets her slipper broken. Saras sees them imitating and asks Kabir whats going on. The scene is very funny. Anushka sees Kabir dressing his feet and comes to know the reason for his improper walk. Kabir comes to know from Danny that Anushka broke her slipper. They apologize to each other and smile.

Saras is about to leave for Mumbai Saras hugs everyone asking them to take care. Saras asks Danny and Kabir to take care of house and factory. Badimaa says see is there anything left. She tells about Kumud. Kumud comes smiling. Vidyachatur says yes, your wife will always live with you. Kumud asks Saras could you not wait for my answer, I can’t live without you. She gets tears in her eyes and asks did you get the answer now. He says yes. Saras and Kumud land in Mumbai. Saras and Kumud are excited to see their new home. Saras says welcome to Mumbai, Mrs. Kumud Saraswatichandra Vyas. Kumud does not like the house and asks Saras to find a better one. The agent shows them many houses but Kumud rejects all the houses saying its small, conjusted, no free space, no place to grow plants, no balcony, no freshness etc. Saras and Kumud have the street side Vada Pav which is very famous in Mumbai.

The agent shows them many flats more and Kumud likes a open society and tells him that she wants a flat here. The agent says there is no vacant flat. The flat owner Prashant comes and agrees to give the flat to Kumud and Saras. Kumud and Saras like Prashant’s flat a lot as it has a free space to grow plants too, with big living room and spacious bedroom. She takes rounds and Prashant eyes her like never seen a girl before. Kumud feels the breeze of Mumbai city and Saras holds her. Kumud says it’s a beautiful place, so open, when it rains, we will have hot tea and enjoy the rain.Saras and Kumud have a lovely hug which Prashant looks at.

The agent asks Prashant, what would be the rent. Prashant says whatever they decide, as he has no issues with money. Saras goes somewhere and Kumud panics. He comes back and she hugs him asking him to be always with her. There happens a problem as Saras and Kumud does not get the NOC to shift to the flat. The agent gives them flop ideas which trouble them even more. Lastly, Saras and Kumud manage to get the NOC and shift to Prashant’s flat happily. What will be Prashant’s past? Will it affect Kumud and Saras’ relation? Keep reading.