Dev confronts Shaurya about Payal’s rape case; Dev realizes Durga related to Payal in Ek Hasina Thi

Dev and Durga meet at the temple and have a talk. Durga asks him does he keep old relations to which Dev replies yes. She sees Dev tying a thread to the same tree on which Nitya tied and she hears him praying for Nitya. She feels he is acting and promises herself that she will take revenge from Dev at any cost and not spare him for cheating her and not coming forward to help her in her crucial times. Dev talks to his Suchitra and tells her that he wanted to come to India to help Payal and Nitya, but he had some visa problems by which he could not come, he is feeling guilty now and wants to get justice for the sisters. Sakshi confronts Dev for asking Shaurya for Payal’s rape. Dev tells her that he was just asking and did not mean anything.

Rajnath does some emotional blackmail to him, telling Dev about his father and how he has kept the family together always. He asks Dev not to ask Shaurya anything about that case, as it would hurt him, as he was innocent. Sakshi gets annoyed and thinks Dev would not easily back off. She asks Rajnath to do something and send Dev back to USA. Suchitra talks to Dev and asks him not to doubt Shaurya, as he is his brother. Dev tells her that he is not after Shaurya, but he also can’t accept what happened with Nitya and Payal. He tells her that he came to India to find about them and would know the truth one day. Suchitra asks him not to hurt his family in the process. Dev assures her that whatever he does, he will do only in the right way.

Shaurya beats Mr. Acharya whom Durga appointed as the architect for the cancer project. Shaurya wants to get close to Durga by being an essential part of the project and taking Acharya’s place. Acharya is sent to the hospital where Durga goes to meet him. She comes to know someone has attacked him on his legs to limit his mobility and this is why he can’t head the project now. Shaurya calls up Ganguly and asks him to do a favor by bribing him. Ganguly comes in the board meeting and refers Shaurya’s name for the Chief Architect post as he was the topper of his college. The Goenkas and Thakurs agree and Shaurya gets glad to be near Durga. Shaurya calls Durga asking her to meet.

Durga tells him that she is busy in a meeting which makes him angry. Rajnath scolds Shaurya for harming his project and wants him to take some real architect classes to do some work on his own. Shaurya does not care and this makes Rajnath annoyed. Durga calls Akash and gives him the work to keep an eye on Ganguly. Akash goes to his house as AC repairer and fixes a camera there without letting Ganguly know. Shaurya comes there with a money bag and it all gets recorded. Ganguly has a daughter Sagarika who can do anything for truth and works for a NGO, helping women get justice. She has a friend Nandini, whom Ganguly is blackmailing to have a physical relation with him. Durga comes across this secret and thinks to use it against Ganguly, and expose him to his wife and daughter.

Durga tells Dayal about the dark night, when Payal was raped by Shaurya and his friends. Shaurya had a bet with his friends to win Nitya and bring her on his bed, but Nitya heard him talking ill about her, and slapped him infront of everyone. Shaurya wanted revenge and went ahead to rape her, but he did not find Nitya and saw Payal instead. He took Payal to the room and raped her, followed by his friends. Divya was the eye witness to this but was threatened by Shaurya to keep her mouth shut. Durga cries feeling Payal’s pain and how her parents have committed suicide knowing they have lost their respect. Dayal gives her strength and asks her to have hope, as Durga Maa will not let her fail in her aim.

Dev sees Durga with Payal’s cake, with same combination and is shocked. He thinks Durga is connected to Payal and goes to follow her. Durga sees him following and misguides him. Durga brings the cake on Payal’s birthday party and gives her a good surprise. Payal also surprises Durga by standing on her feet and making a drawing of her, Nitya and Durga. Durga is touched by the drawing and is really glad seeing Payal’s progress. Durga promises her that Nitya will be back soon.

Dev asks Shaurya to give Durga’s number, where Shaurya challenges him on a squash game. Dev wins and gets the number. Shaurya thinks why does Dev need Durga’s number. Dev calls up Durga and asks her to meet him for some work. Durga agrees and meets him. Dev asks her what is her connection with Payal and where is she now. Durga is shocked hearing this. Will Dev find out about Durga’s secret being Nitya? Keep reading.