Raman finds out that Shagun is behind Mrs. Iyer’s accident and hides this truth for Adi’s sake in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Bala is teaching Adi at Shagun’s house, just because Raman and Ishita want him to backup Adi’s future by a strong education. Adi sees Bala talking to Sharavan on phone and missed his father. He wishes he too enjoyed like Sharvan does with Bala. He talks to Bala about this and Bala understands that Adi is not getting love in Shagun’s house, as Shagun and Ashok don’t have time to give him. Vandu gets her pregnancy confirmed by the doctor and she gets worried. She is 3 months pregnant, Ishita comes to her and asks her why did she lie to her, as she has seen her in hospital.

Vandu lies to her about her pregnancy and asks her not to tell Amma, else she will worry. Ishita says fine, don’t worry and smiles. Romi and Sarika meet up strangely as Sarika thinks Romi is the one who will take her for some work which Ishita gave and Romi thinks she is his friend Sharad’s love, and takes her to the court where Sharad is waiting to marry her. Romi brings her and Sharad says she is not my Neetu. Sarika smiles as Romi apologizes and leaves. Neetu comes there and she gets married to Sharad, where Romi is the witness. Everyone think about the serial killer that has been killing women. The ladies go out and ask Mihir to take care of the kids. Mihir gets mad and calls up Raman.

Mihir asks Raman to take care of kids and runs. Raman gets mad too and when ladies come back, they see the hole house messed up. Ishita smiles seeing Raman’s try. Raman comes to talk to Ishita and scares her. She says it might be a publicity gimmick for any film. Mihir tells Raman that he has found the man who did Mrs. Iyer’s accident. He calls Ishita too and they go there.The man says he did the accident and accepts it, asking them to send him in jail. Raman does not believe him and understand that this is Ashok’s plan. Ishita is unable to walk because of her tight sandals. Raman lifts her.

Ishita and everyone look at him. Raman comes to know that Ishita went to her clinic with a hooded man with a smiling face jacket. He gets shocked as this resembles the serial killer. Raman rushes to the clinic and sees blood on the floor. He panics and sees the hooded man running. Raman catches him and its Siddharth Malhotra of Ek Villain fame, he comes along with Shraddha Kapoor to promote their movie. Ishita tells Raman that he came for his dental checkup. Ishita sees the same white car’s pic in Sid’s phone and shows it to Raman. Shagun gives Adi some money to buy his uniform and good clothes.

Raman and Ishita come to meet Adi and he insults them, and the gift which Raman brought for him. Ishita says she will do the shopping for him, and they go together. Adi troubles Ishita a lot and leaves in his car. Raman sees the white car outside Ashok’s house in his garage and gets angry thinking that either Ashok or Parmeet did this accident.Raman goes to Shagun and confronts her. He says I know the truth, I got the proof, I went from here as you guys have shown the fake documents, but now, I won’t listen.

Whom are you and Ashok saving, that creep Parmeet, you are a woman, atleast think of Amma, if your mum was there. Shagun says shut up. He says I know, Ashok gave this car to Adi on his birthday, its still in your garage. He says that car has the evil eye, the number is also same. Parmeet did the accident, you are my enemy, why do you this drama, why did you target Ishita’s mum, I will not leave Ashok and Parmeet. Shagun admits the truth to Raman that Ashok is not covering Parmeet as she did the accident. She begs Raman not to call police as Adi needs her. Adi comes home and sees all this.

He begs Raman and asks him to forgive Shagun for his sake. Raman agrees. He comes home and does not tell this to anyone and lies to them that even Ashok and Parmeet are not responsible for the accident. Ishita says she completely trusts him and he is the biggest support of her family. Amma says he is not her son in law but her son. Raman feels ashamed of myself for lying to them. Ishita sees Raman’s tensed next day too, and asks him not to think much about the culprit, they will find out soon.

Vandu shares about her pregnancy with Bala and he is really happy. She tells him that she is worried about the expenses that will come with the baby. Bala asks her to leave all that tension on him. He hugs her happily. Raman talks to Shagun and says I think I should tell the truth to Ishita. Shagun stops him and asks him to think about Adi. Ishita comes and Raman lies that it was Subbu’s call. She gets Shagun’s messages on Raman’s phone and comes to know he spoke to her. She says why did Raman hide this from me, I never stopped him to talk to Shagun. She gets upset. Shagun plans to create a rift between Ishita and Raman by using Adi. What will happen next? Keep reading.