Veera gets glad to know Neel Sir is her Nihaal Chachu; Sonia tries to distance Ranvi and Gunjan in Veera

Baldev is annoyed as he is not getting proper food to have, despite working for long hours all day. He says I m missing my mum, I can’t eat this, I wanted Biji’s handmade hot rotis. Neel comes and says how will you complete your dad’s dream, I think I did big mistake by calling you here. He gets angry and leaves. Sonia plays a game and hides Gunjan’s phone. They leave fir inauguration of school. Ranvi and Balwant go first, Sonia asks Gunjan to be with her and stops her from going there to spoil Ratan’s name and make Ranvi angry.

She fakes that she got a sprain in her foot and Gunjan takes her to hospital. Ranvi and Balwant wait there and Ranvi does the inauguration. He hears some taunts by the sarpanch and thinks why did Gunjan not come. Veera and Baldev come to the field. Sahil asks Veera when did she do all this work. Veera asks Sahil to tell Neel that she will inform her dad’s dreams. She asks him why is Neel not coming infront of her, why is he giving so many tasks if he himself called them here. He says its his decision, I can’t question him, he is mysterious, he does not love anyone, except his rules, even I m fed up of this tasks, but no option. Sahil asks Veera and Baldev to start the task of catching chickens.

Baldev leaves and Veera gets tired and faints. Neel comes there and takes her to sprinkle water on her. Veera wakes up and Baldev scolds Neel for Veera’s state. Neel asks them to go back to their Pind. She says a person loses when he loses strength, I still have it, I did not lose, I promise you will tell us you did not take wrong decision trusting us. She does the task and Neel gets glad. Sahil takes them for new task in a windmill to grind the wheat into flour. He asks Baldev not to help Veera. Baldev can’t see Veera struggling and helps her. Neel comes and scolds Baldev and Veera. Veera makes the windmill run.

Sonia is dropped home by Gunjan. Gunjan comes home while everyone is worried and tells that she could not come to school as she took Sonia to hospital. Everyone is happy and is proud of her. Veera gets high fever. Baldev takes care of her. Baldev worries for Veera. She asks him to go and rest as he has also worked all day. He says be here quietly, let me do what I m doing, I will not go from here till your fever goes. Sonia meets Ratan and tells her she is fine and maybe Gunjan lied to her. Ratan tells this to Ranvi and everyone get annoyed from Gunjan for lying. Gunjan takes Ranvi to prove herself but Sonia lies and proves herself right.

Ranvi gets angry in Gunjan and leaves. Gunjan understands Sonia is doing this intentionally. Sahil brings fruits and says you have to sell it and earn 60 Zloty, this is their new task. Veera thinks why is Neel avoiding us, he did not talk to us once, why does he not meet us. Veera and Baldev sell the fruits and win the task. Baldev plays guitar and sings Pani da Rang song for Veera and shows he earned more than her. Veera confronts Neel and gets angry on him. He calls her by her pet name and then changes the topic.

Veera thinks to find out how did he know her pet name. Baldev says how can he know this name. Veera says don’t know, when I saw him, I felt I know him, did we meet before and he knows my pet name. Baldev says don’t know, I also feel I saw him. Baldev and Veera come to Neel’s house to find out who is he and how does he know them. Veera gets a pic of Nihaal, Ratan, her and Ranvi. She is shocked. She thinks about Nihaal and smiles. Baldev is shocked too seeing it.

Veera meets Neel and says Nihaal chachu. He is shocked hearing this. She cries. He says who Nihaal chichi, what nonsense. She shows him the pics and he stops.Gunjan confronts Sonia and Sonia fires verbally on her asking her to think for the answer as she will not reply her. Gunjan says what happened to her, why did she become bitter for me, there is some big reason and I will find out.Veera hugs Nihaal and asks him why did he leave Pind and them. Nihaal tells Veera that he wanted to go far from Pritampura where no one knows him.

He says I came here in Poland and started working, then learnt new techiniques, I worked hard, he liked my work and when he died, he gave all his property to me as he was happy with me, people here called me Neel and thus became my identity.He justifies the tasks he gave her, not to trouble her, but to make her strong and patient. Veera and Baldev come with Nihaal and Sahil to see some good farming fields.Nihaal starts their training and they are amazed by the techniques. Will Nihaal Singh come back to Pind? Will Sonia’s lie come infront of Ranvi? Keep reading.