Niranjan doubts Astha and Anjali teaming up and visits the Vridh Ashram to find the truth in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Anjali has a great time with her parents at the Vridh Ashram. She thanks Astha for this great day. Anjali sleeps and suddenly gets up asking Astha to come for going home. Anjali tells Astha that she made her meet the old Anjali, this was the best and beautiful day of her life. Niranjan calls Anjali and she does not take the call. He calls at home and Jyoti takes the call. She tells him that Astha and Anjali went out. Niranjan thinks where did Anjali go and why did she not take his call, I asked you to cut Astha’s feather, but she is flying too, she is making me helpless to beat her again. Astha and Anjali come home and get to know that Niranjan came home.

They get tensed. Anjali goes to see Niranjan in his room and is shocked seeing him angry with the belt. Niranjan asks where were you. She says sorry I came late. He asks where were you all day. She says with Astha. She gives him Prasad and says she did jaap for him in the temple. He gets happy and eats the Prasad. Astha hears them talking. He asks why did you take Astha. Anjali says I made her do a jaap for Shlok, as you said she should be like this house bahu. Anjali feels bad as this is the first time she lied to him, as Astha made her lie by giving her this idea.

She talks to Bappa and says she will regret for lying. Astha tells her that if a lie is said to save someone, then its more greater than a truth. Shlok tells Astha that he went to meet her parents and Kalindi gave her a bangle. She hugs him happily and thanks him. He tells her that he wants to take her on candle light dinner tonight and asks her to be ready. Niranja hears all this and is angry. He tells Anjali that how come his son go to his in laws house, soon he will become a Ghar Jamai. He asks Anjali to manage Astha else he will do something to show her place. Sid and Jyoti meet as Astha plans this meeting.

Jyoti tells him that they can never unite, Sid says he still will care and love her, and she can’t stop him. Renuka finds about Jyoti, and thinks to get Sid married to someone else. Sid gets furious. Niranjan goes to office and acts as he is not well and he has to go to Mumbai for some important meeting. Shlok gets worried for him, and tells him that he will go Mumbai. Niranjan gets happy as his plan succeeded to cancel Shlok and Astha’s date. Shlok tries to inform Astha and calls her, but she does not listen. He then messages her and she gets upset. Niranjan tells Anjali that he did this. Anjali worries for Shlok and Astha. Shlok winds up the work very soon in Mumbai and then comes back by night travel.

He takes Astha on a romantic date, at the terrace where they sing and dine together, making it a memorable one. Niranjan is shocked seeing Shlok in the morning. Shlok tells him that he came by night travel. Niranjan gets angry and shows his concern asking him not to travel at night, as it may lead to any accident. Things go on smoothly, but Anjali gets a call from her mum asking her to come to meet them and bring kheer. Anjali cooks her fav food and Sojal sees this. She gets a doubt and wants to go with her to the ashram, but Astha fools her and goes with Anjali. Niranjan calls Sojal and she tells him that Anjali and Astha went to ashram and took food too. Niranjan tries to find out why did Anjali go to ashram and goes there.

Luckily he does not see her parents. Astha and Anjali get tensed. He brings them home and asks Anjali about this matter. Anjali says she gave food to do Daan Purn. He does not get convinced by her answer and asks her to come with him to the ashram in morning. Astha comes to know about this and before she can do anything, Niranjan reaches there. Anjali’s parents hide seeing him and Astha comes there to take them to a safe place. Anjali hides her pic from there and Niranjan checks every room. Will Niranjan find out the truth about Anjali’s parents being in ashram? Keep reading.