Kushagre Dua explains the equation of Nehmat and Sartaj in Udaariyaan; opens up on how their story moves forward

Kushagre Dua is the latest addition to vast star cast of Udaariyaan, which recently witnessed a massive twist in relationship. While it was all hunky-dory for Nehmat and Ekam after the exit of Advait (Rohit Purohit), their twist in fate results in Harleen marrying Ekam, leaving the trio devastated with the changing equations in their life. With the onset of a sudden storm, as Nehmat tries to regain balance, she finds a support in Sartaj played by Kushagre Dua and what kind of turn will their relationship take explains Dua in his latest interview with tvlogist.

Although their relationship starts off as a series of clashes, Sartaj is a man of mystery, who likes to live on his own terms. And definitely there is a twist in store when it comes to his relationship with Nehmat. Opening about his equation with her, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, Kushagre Dua said, “With Nehmat, audiences can definitely see a kind of tashan, we have. She is also undergoing a rather sorrowful experience in her life and he is a heartbroken lad who doesn’t believe in women. So their personalities are definitely going to clash. Moreover, there will be daily interactions with both the characters since she will be working in his ‘dhaba’ (authentic desi restaurant in Punjab). That’s how its gonna be fun. Aise hi tashan-tashan mein aage bade (Just like that in all the clash, the story is going to move forward). There is a certain kind of cuteness or rather the constant banter between them is what makes it interesting.”

Recalling a scene where his character is seen dancing amidst buffaloes, Kushagre added, “When he’s upset or frustrated, woh bhaiso ke saath dance karne lag jaata hai bade bade speakers ke saath (He starts dancing with buffaloes by playing songs in those loud and massive speakers). He’s a crackpot sort of a guy and would do anything at any moment. Nehmat will be annoyed but at the same time, wonder about him. But when she gets to know about his past and his trauma, she will start to understand him and that’s how they will come together.”

We wonder if Kushagre will add the negative twist in the plotline and the actor is quick to defend it saying that he is fed up of essaying these grey shaded roles but is afraid that he might come across an antagonist. “I don’t want to do grey anymore,” he asserted. He went on to add, “My last positive character was in Divya Drishti and I received a lot of love for my character Omi. I want to show people that I can do more of such roles. This is the one thing I am afraid of. I don’t want Sartaj’s character to go into the grey zone. And it is very easy. I lift one eyebrow and the camera captures it, and people start wondering if it is a negative shade. I need to work on this. Plus I have been doing back-to-back negative roles and it sort of sticks with your body language. And I think this is my opportunity to get out of that zone and work towards a much positive role,” he concluded.

Udaariyaan airs on Colors from Monday to Sunday at 7 pm.

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