Kumud to answer Ghuman’e evil tricks in Saraswatichandra

This week started with a cool romantic scene between Saras and Kumud. Saras asks her to make mud pts and gives her a shaping wheel. Kumud is very happy seeing it and asks him to help her out as they both can together make a great mud pot and she alone can’t make a good one. Saras agrees and they sit for making the mud pot. Saras holds her hand and smiles. Kumud starts shaping the pot and Mann ked or………. Plays……… Kumud and Saras make a beautiful pot. Saras tells her that it was possible only because of her and she knows the art well. Kumud thinks of an idea to tell Danny the same and explain him that it was not Kusum’s mistake.

Kusum saw Ghuman dancing in her room and saw her ghungroos broken. She took it and told Ghuamn that she will fix it and she should not stop dancing. She should continue dancing as it is an art which she masters and who knows it can become her identity one day. Ghuman smiles thinking she will manipulate her words and tells the same to Danny in other way. Danny thinks Kusum have insulted his mother and she should apologize. He does not forgive her easily and is annoyed with her.

Ghuman tells Danny that Kusum said the dance is her identity and she is a dancer lady of the village. Danny gets much angry and asks Kusum was this all true, did she really tell Ghuman these words. Kusum says yes, but not in that sense, I did not hurt her, I was just saying she can dance as she is good at it. Danny does not listen to her and leaves. Ghuman enjoys her victory. Kumud and Saraas come to know the whole story of what really happened and what was shown to Danny by Ghuman. Kumud understands that Ghuman is doing all this intentionally. She tells that idea to Saras of repeating the same thing with Danny.

Danny sees the mu pot made by Kumud and tells her that you should have not been a teacher, but a pot maker, as you are good at this art, you should continue doing this and become a great pot maker. Kumud reacts to it saying how can you insult me by asking me to leave teaching and become a simple pot maker. She says this is my insult and I will never forgive you. Danny tells her that he did not mean to hurt her feelings and said what he saw. He tells her that this pot making art can become her identity.

Danny asks her what did he say wrong to which she is getting angry. Kumud calms down and explains him the situation of Kusum, doing the same with Ghuman. Danny understands and realizes his mistake. Kumud and Saras asks Danny to apologize to Kusum and tell her that he won’t do such mistake again being on his knees. Ghuman understands what Kumud is doing and is upset. Danny apologizes to Kusum for his mistake and they went out together to spend some time with each other. They gift each other some memories and end their fight. Kumud asks Ghuman not to play any dirty game again for Danny’s sake, if she really wants to see Danny happy, as his happiness lies in Saras and Kusum.

Ghuman takes her words light and does not stop her evil tricks. This time, she plans to create a rift between Saras and Danny again. Kabir frames Danny in drugs case and Danny needs Saras support. Danny tells Kumud how a man has put drugs in his bag instead of samples and now he is trapped. Kumud asks him to relax and tells this to Saras. Danny is arrested by the police. Saras is shocked and tries hard to save him, but Kabir does not give him any chance.

Kabir helps Danny showing to him that Saras does not care for him and he did not even turn up to see him in the police station. Danny is freed by Kabir and Ghuman. Danny feels that Saras is his step brother so he did not help him. Danny gets angry with Saras. Ghuman succeeds to make them apart. But will Kumud let this happen? What will Kumud do now? She saved Danny and Kusum’s relation, now its about Danny and Saras. Keep reading to know more next week.