Kumud promises to bring Danny and Saras closer in nine days of Navratri in Saraswatichandra

This week started with the commencement of Navratri in the show. Badimaa brings the shagun for her daughters Kumud and Kusum. She tells Kumud to be strong despite knowing the fight going on in between Saras and Danny. Their fight is affecting the sisters also. Kumud and Kusum are upset as Danny and Saras are not listening to them. This time, Ghuman’s plan worked well and Danny and Saras are not on talking terms. Badimaa inspires Kumud to have faith in the Lord and make the brothers come closer again. Kumud promises her that she will bring them closer in the nine days of the Navratri. Badimaa gets happy as whatever Kumud decides to do, she always does that. She feels that Kumud will win in her endeavour.

Ghuman goes to meet Kabir and he shows her a blank canvas. He tells her that he did not find anything beautiful to paint on it but now his search is over as he has seen her and there is nothing more beautiful than her. Ghuman gets into his words and she really looks beautiful this day. She stands giving him a pose and asks him to capture her beauty on the canvas. Kabir draws her and makes an amazing painting. Ghuman looks at the painting after he finishes and she is bowled over by his painting skills. Kabir flirts with her to which she smiles. Ghuman and Kabir spend some time together while Kusum and Kumud are thinking where did Ghuman go in the morning.

Ghuman comes home and sees Badimaa with Kumud and Kusum. She gets angry and taunts Badimaa. Badimaa understands that Ghuman did not accept her daughters by her heart and was only acting. Badimaa comes home and tells this to Vidyachatur that Ghuman is the same and she did not change. She was acting to get their trust. Vidyachatur is shocked and tells Guniyal about this. They get worried and pray for their daughter’s happiness in Ghuman’s presence. Saras is unable to bear Danny’s rudeness. He decides to give his property to Danny and goes to meet the lawyer without talking with Kumud. Saras is annoyed with Kumud for not supporting him at the hour of need. He is not even talking to Kumud.

Saras meets the lawyer and asks him to make the documents where all his property will be transferred to Danny’s name. He signs the papers and comes home with a copy. Kumud opens the cupboard and sees the file. She reads it and is shocked to know that Saras has given everything to Danny. She asks Saras to think again as this decision will break their relation even more and make them strangers not brothers. Saras says he wants to see Danny happy and may be this decision will make him happy.

Kumud and Saras go to Danny and hands over the papers to him. Danny is shocked and leaves puzzled. Kusum goes after him and talks to him. Danny says was it all required, did I ask Saras to give me the property. He says he does not want all this, he only needed his support which he could not give him when he was in police lock up. Danny tells Kusum to give back the file to Saras and tell him that he does not need all this. Kusum asks him to go himself and talk to Saras. Danny goes to Saras and says he only needed him and he did not turn up to support him. Saras tries to explain him but Danny leaves the file and goes. Ghuman hears them talking and then talks to Danny. She says you should have not given back the file as what Saras is giving you is actually given to him by your father, so it is all yours, you were getting what is yours. Saras was not doing any big favor or any sacrifice.

Kumud doubts on Kabir seeing him with Ghuman many times outside the house. He follows Kabir and sees him meeting Ghuman’s sister Menka. She thinks of finding out the truth. She goes to Kabir’s room in his absence and looks around for some proof against him. She is shocked to see her house model in his room with everyone’s little figures. She thinks what is Kabir planning and understands that Kabir is dangerous for her family. She says she has to save everyone from him and bring out his truth before he harms them. What will Kumud do now? Will Kabir’s truth be out? Will the Vyas brother’s end their fight and unite? Keep reading and watch out this space next week for more detailed updates.