Arjun walks in with his second wife Subhadra to shock everyone in Mahabharat

Draupadi has been waiting for Arjun to become his wife after being Yudhistir’s wife for one year. Soon that period got over and the time came when she could meet Arjun being his wife. But the fate has something else. She adorned herself happily as Arjun was the one whom she loved by heart and wish. She looked beautiful and dreamt of Arjun praising her beauty. She thought Arjun will give her utter respect as his wife and will love her a lot. But Arjun comes to the palace with Subhadra. Arjun has to marry Subhadra for a reason, as he could not bring disgrace to his kingdom. Draupadi comes to know that Arjun arrived and runs to welcome him with open arms.

She is shocked to see Arjun and Subhadra waiting at the door. She gets sad and angry on Arjun for cheating her. She had to be shared with his brothers only because he married her and when the time came that she made so many sacrifices, Arjun did not owe her anything. Draupadi’s dreams were shattered. She gave some space to Arjun and Subhadra. Arjun entered the place and introduced Subhadra as his wife to everyone.

Subhadra knew the fact that Draupadi is Arjun’s first wife. Subhadra is not manipulative and very innocent. She talks to Draupadi and depicts her innocence. Draupadi is convinced seeing her and accepts her as Arjun’s second wife by heart. She gives her a place of her sister. Arjun meets Draupadi and tells her under what circumstances he had to marry Subhadra. Draupadi forgives him and this makes Arjun happy.

Few days passes, Draupadi comes to know that Subhadra is pregnant and informs the same to everyone. Bheem is happy that a heir is coming to take the throne. Duryodhan and his brothers along with Shakuni are not happy with this news. The Lords bless Subhadra to have a song like a great warrior as Arjun. Duryodhan introduces Shishupal in the Rajya Sabha. Shishupal is the cunning man just like Shakuni. Shishupal was given a promise by Lord Krishna that his 100 faults will be forgiven and death can never touch him.

Shishupal grew proud and went on insulting everyone who came his way. He insults Lord Krishna also saying there is some wrong relationship between him and Draupadi. Lord Krishna losten to him calmly till his 100 faults are over. Finally, his 100 faults are pardoned and he has no advantage left. Lord Krishna looks to him to punish him for his mistake and shows him his Sudharshan Chakra. Shishupal is shocked.

There is an argument going in Hastinapur. Yudhistir thinks of punishing Duryodhan and could not as he himself is a king. Draupadi suggests Yudhistir to take away the arms from Duryodhan inorder to win over him, as taking away weapons from a king is like insulting him and making him lose the battle before it starts. Duryodhan gets angry when Yudhistir orders the men to take away his weapons. Duryodhan says he will take revenge from Draupadi for this big insult and says a famous and big line “Usne hamare shastra utaare hai, ab hum uske Vastra utaarenge’’ (Draupadi took away his weapons, now he will take off her clothes) He plans to insult Draupadi infront of the whole Sabha.

Duryodhan and Shakuni make the Pandavas lose the dice game and the Pandavas lose everything, even Draupadi. Shakuni cheats the Pandavas and makes Duryodhan win as the dice is made of his father’s bones and turns to the number which he says. Duryodhan finally wins. He orders his younger brother Dushasan to remove Draupadi’s clothes thus doing her Cheerharan. The entire Sabha is shocked. There is Bhishma Pitama, Dhritrashtra, Shakuni, Pandavas and the Kauravas among other ministers.

Everyone looks at the Cheerharan. Bhishm prays to the Lord and could not see this happening. Dhritrashtra is actually blind but stays silent but does not stop Duryodhan. The Pandavas bow down their heads in shame. Who will be saving Draupadi now? Will Arjun do anything to save the pride of his wife? Draupadi’s tears can themselves burn the entire nation. Will she herself stand for her safety? It has to be seen next week. Keep reading.