Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update, January 31, 2017: Sona and Dev continue to fight

In the scene of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Hi publicized on January 31, 2017 , Sona and Dev are again battling with each other. Dev hands over a check to Sona and requests that her fill any sum and clear the workplace. Sona gives back the check.

Then again, Sona’s mom Asha meets Dev’s mom Ishwari close to the sanctuary however the two don’t welcome each other. Ishwari discloses to her sibling about the shot meet and how she didn’t welcome Asha. Mamiji is cheerful that Ishwari evaded Asha yet Elena is glad to find out about her maasi being in Delhi.

In office, Sonakshi plays out a little puja on Day 1 of their new office and circulates desserts to her staff. She additionally offers desserts to Dev and requests that he circulate it among his staff.

While conversing with Dev, Sonakshi gets a call from her little girl Suhana’s teacher who is stressed over Suhana. Her teacher advises them that Suhana doesn’t care for her dad and needs to know the motivation to which Sona answers saying that he doesn’t exist.

It gets late in the workplace and Sona is as yet working while her staff has cleared out. Dev is additionally in the workplace and taking a gander at Sona from the window. Suhana calls her mother and needs her to get back home early this is when Dev grabs the telephone from her hand.

Will Dev have the capacity to converse with his little girl? Continue watching this space for the following upgrade soon.

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