Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update January 30: Sonakshi hurts Dev's ego

Sona gets Bejoy and Asha to their old house. She reveals to them that nobody can get them out of this house as she has brough it as guaranteed. She additionally lets it know is Suhana’s home. Asha and Bejoy get enthusiastic.

Dev enters office and sees the gatekeeper guarding Sonakshi’s office space. He admonishes him and expels him from work. He then goes to Sona’s office and begins playing with Paromeeta.

Sona achieves office and Dev discloses to her that he can’t deal with parcel in his space and advises the workers to break the divider. Sona debilitates to get him captured. Dev grins as he had as of now called police and legal advisor. The legal advisor reveals to Sona that building a parcel divider is against flame security standards and she is infringing upon the law. Dev documents a body of evidence for unlawful development against her.

She reveals to him that she is prepared to pay the punishment and will see him in court in the wake of winning the case.

She faces Dev that he has personality issue and he can’t see his ex equivalent to him. Dev vapor in outrage.

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