Kamal tries to rape Poonam and she gets saved by Akash in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Akash has been cheated of Rs 30 lakhs by Kothari and Ramesh. Akash does not know that the man whom he trusts so much, Ramesh, is actually a cheater and is duping him of money. Akash thinks Ramesh is genuinely good and will help him always. Akash feels he did wrong with Ramesh and apologizes to him. Ramesh is very happy and tells his wife Dolly that we will reach our aim very soon, no one can stop them from selling the house.

Akash was worried but Shashikant pacified him and told him that he will always support him in the worst times also. He tells Akash that he will sell the house if the need persists. Akash is happy that his father is so supportive, and tells him that he will try his best to arrange the money and keep up his believe on him. He asks Shashikant not to sell the house in any situation. Shashikant nods yes and hugs him as a loving and doting father. Akash leaves to meet some people in order to arrange some money to pay the loan.

Shashikant tells everyone that he has given some time to Akash and he will not be selling the house, as it will be unfair with others. He says as Jai did not take any wrong decision, why should he pay the price for all this. Everyone get happy that they won’t be losing the house and are relieved, but Ramesh, Dolly, Sarita and Abhi are shocked. They get upset and have a discussion in their room. They think of doing something. Ramesh gets an idea and asks them to just wait and watch.

Ramesh tells his plan to everyone and disappears from the house. Dolly shouts loudy and starts crying. Everyone come in the hall asking what happened. Dolly tells them that Ramesh is kidnapped by the people who have given loan to Akash. Everyone are left shocked. Dolly tells them that they will free Ramesh only if we give them the money soon, else Ramesh will be beaten up and stay with them till then. She asks Shashikant to think of something and make Ramesh free at any cost.

Shashikant is left with no option but to sell the house to save Ramesh from the goons. Mangla tries to stop him but he does not listen to him and comes in Dolly’s words. Ravikant is happy with his decision as he believes Ramesh is a good person and really in trouble. Shashikant asks Jai to call the house agent and tell him that they want to sell the house very soon and want complete money. Jai tries to argue to him supporting Mangla, but Shashikant is adamant.

Akash tries his best meeting many people he knows of his business and asking them to give him loan. But no one agrees and says a straight no. Akash still tries and went on meeting people, but none of them help him. Akash is shattered and comes home upset. He hears Shashikant telling about selling the house and is shocked. He asks him why is he hurrying so much. Shashikant tells him that Ramesh is kidnapped. Akash breaks down thinking it happened because of him. He blames himself and Poonam pacifies him.

Kamal can’t control his desires to get Poonam and fools her at the temple, showing her that he was praying for Akash. Poonam gets into his words and he tells her to come with him and meet a Madam who would help them with money for helping Akash. Poonam thinks of telling this to Akash and messages him that she is going with Kamal and the address too. Akash reads it and thinks why did Kamal lie to him. Akash thinks there is something fishy and goes to the place. Kamal locks Poonam in the farm house and misbehaves with her. Poonam is shocked to see his real face. She slaps him and runs from there. Kamal runs after her to catch her.

Poonam faints and Akash reaches her just in time. Akash sees her state and understands everything. He beats Kamal and brings him home. He tells everyone what deed Kamal did and everyone are shocked knowing Kamal tried to rape Poonam. Abhi beats Kamal and Ravikant asks Akash to call police. Kamal runs from there hearing this. Akash calls the police to enquire about Ramesh. Dolly informs Ramesh and he is shocked. Ramesh comes back home and tells them a fake story. Akash starts trying to arrange the money again. Will Akash succeed in arranging 30 lakhs? Keep reading.