Sandhya wins the Best Cadet Trophy and makes Sooraj proud in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sandhya comes to know that Roma is the betrayer in their gang who is helping the Naxals. She tells this to everyone and no one believes her. Sandhya tells them the reasons of her statement and only Zakir believes her. Rahul loves Roma and can no way think Roma can cheat him. Zakir signs Sandhya to understand what he is upto and do as he says. He tells everyone that he saw Officer Singh in her tent. He asks them to come with him and he will prove that Sandhya is wrong. All of them come to see Officer Singh in her tent. Sandhya acts like she is talking to her and she is in her tent. Roma is shocked and says how can she be in the tent. Roma is caught red handed.

Sandhya and Zakir aim their gun at Roma and ask her where is Officer Singh. Roma shows her real face and accepts what all she did. Zakir asks her how did she manage to add the sleeping medicine in the food, and how come she did not sleep after eating the food. Roma says Sandhya was right, I had taken the antidote. She tells them that Sandhya has flopped their plan every time and is angry on her. She says how Sandhya saved Officer Singh many times. Everyone is shocked knowing Roma’s truth. Rahul cries. Roma scolds him and calls him a joker, loser and a weak guy. Rahul is shaken up and thinks about his moments with Roma and their love. He asks Roma was all that a lie, he really loved her, did she not love him. Roma tells him that it was all her drama and she never loved him.

Roma spits venom on everyone and scolds them. She tells them she was helping the Naxals always and was not lost in the jungle, she went to them intentionally. Zakir asks Roma to tell them where she has taken Officer Singh else they will kill her. Roma does not listen to him. Zakir asks Sandhya to shoot Roma. Sandhya scares Roma and Roma agrees to take them to the Naxals. Roma thinks all of them will die if they meet the Naxals and they can’t harm them, so it would be better to take them and end their story. Roma is taken by them and asked to send the signals to Naxals. Roma does so and they see Officer Singh in a problem. Officer Singh is about to be hanged.

Everyone is shocked seeing Officer Singh in that state. They run to save her but a blast explodes and all of them hide. All of them try hard to free Officer Singh and they have a fight with the Naxals. They kill all the Naxals and free Officer Singh at last. The Naxal Chief throws a gas bomb and Roma takes Officer Singh and disappears. Roma takes her to a cliff and aims a gun at her. Sandhya reaches there just on time and asks Roma to leave Officer Singh. Roma refuses and scolds her. The Naxal Chief laughs on Sandhya’s poor shooting skills and calls her incapable.

Sandhya gets raised but is laid back as she knows her aim is never right. Officer Singh asks her to do her best and believe in herself. She asks Sandhya to shoot at Roma and the Naxal Chief. Sandhya gets encouraged by her and aims at the Naxal Chief. She shoots him and he falls. Roma is tensed. Officer Singh is joined by all the cadets. Everyone ask Roma to leave Officer Singh. Roma does not listen to them and Rahul shoots at her. Roma falls down the cliff. Everyone are shocked as Rahul loved Roma a lot and he has shot at her. Officer Singh is proud of everyone and praises them. She asks them to open her hands and collect all the dead bodies. She tells them to report at the academy soon. The jungle task is over.

The graduation day comes and Sooraj comes to meet Sandhya. A long parade is shown which is lead by Sandhya and Zakir. Officer Singh tells them that the Best Cadet Trophy goes to the deserving Sandhya. Zakir cries as he has lost. Sandhya and Sooraj are very happy. Sandhya gives a long speech about the dream which was her father’s. She tells them how Sooraj and his family always supported her and here she is today, being an IPS officer. Sooraj calls Bhabho and gives her the good news. Bhabho is very happy and tells him to bring Sandhya back home. Everyone will welcome Sandhya heartily when she comes back home. What will be Sandhya’s first task as an IPS officer? Keep reading.