Durga destined to take revenge from Shaurya in Ek Haseena Thi

Durga Thakur, the main lead of the show, will is ready to take revenge for a girl who is not related to her, is good at heart and very rich. She uses his richness and powers on the right cause. She wants to help a girl who is raped by Shaurya Goenka. Durga wants to teach him a lesson. She works for an NGO and does social work, helping women and seeking justice for them. She gets into the depth of their story and helps them doing the needful.

The girl is Payal who has been raped by Shaurya two years ago and is in mental asylum. She is being treated there and remembers Shaurya. She sees his sketch and shouts. Durga comes to meet her and tells her that she will take justice for her. Payal filed a case against Shaurya but as Shaurya is rich and powerful, he won the case and was free of the rape charges.

Payal lost the case and also her respect. Shaurya roams free and is a womanizer. He dates many women and have an affair with them. She uses women and sleeps with them, then he dumps them and forgets them. Shaurya is a spoilt brat. His parents Rajnath and Sakshi Goenka are such that they don’t stop him from doing bad deeds. They spoil him further by supporting him in his wrong moves. They are the elite couple of Kolkata and everyone knows them.

Sakshi is an attention seeker and Rajnath does politics in business to win the deals. They are game players who can do everything to get what they want. Shaurya dates a commissioner’s daughter and sleeps with her. He then moves on and sees Durga. He falls for her and becomes lusty.

Durga meets the Goenka family in the Durga puja function and acts sweet to them not showing them her real revengeful intentions. She dances on a Durga puja song and Shaurya looks at her smiling. Durga sees him and thinks of what he did with Payal and how is Payal now because of him. Durga thinks she will not spare him and before next Durgashtami, she will kill Shaurya or else she will kill herself, she promises this to Durga Maa.

Durga burns her saree to attract Shaurya’s attention. Shaurya saves her and puts pots of water on her. He tells her that he did a favor on her and she should be thankful. She thanks him. He starts flirting with her and she starts ignoring him. Shaurya gets more interest in her seeing that she is avoiding him.

He messages her on Facebook and she rejects his friend request. He gets more curious about her. He bets with his friends that he will date her and she will fall for him very soon. Shaurya gets after Durga and starts knowing more about him. Even Sakshi gets Durga’s info as she is interested to know more about him. Durga throws a grand party and her supportive father Dr. Dayal Thakur invites the Goenkas also.

Shaurya is happy to meet Durga and comes in the party with his family. Durga has a surprise for him. She hires an actor who acts like a journalist and questions Shaurya about the two year old rape case. He calls Shaurya a rapist and makes him angry like hell. Shaurya loses his temper and beats him. Everyone stop him. The Goenkas are embarrassed by all this and instantly leave the party. Durga is all smiles seeing Shaurya’s state. Shaurya thinks after all this happened, Durga will not understand him and will avoid him more knowing he had rape charges on him.

Durga meets him and tells him that she believes him. Shaurya gets happy and they go on a date. Durga sees Payal there and stops Shaurya from seeing her. Payal hears his ringtone and thinks of her rape. She gets afraid and starts screaming. Payal leaves from them. Shaurya shows the city to Durga and she asks him if he has a bet with his friends. Shaurya is shocked. He then tells her that they caught the journalist.

Durga gets tensed and tries to tell the journalist to run away soon. She succeeds in informing him and is thus saved from the Goenkas. Shaurya is trying to charm Durga but she does not get into his charm and leaves. Shaurya thinks why is she making him try too hard. Will Durga be able to take revenge from Shaurya? Keep reading.