Ishqbaaz written update May 10, 2017: Anika meets Nayantara

Nayantara and Shivaay start to talk. She reveals to Shivaay she has come to meet Anika. At the point when Shivaay gets some information about Anika’s dad, she admits she doesn’t know his identity, considering she has been with numerous men. Pinky comes and acquaints herself and imagines with be stunned.

Om comes to pick Anika from the chawl. She doesn’t reveal to him anything. In the interim, Shivaay requests that Pinki let Nayantara go. At the point when Pinki meddles, Shivaay reveals to her that he doesn’t know whether she is Anika’s mom. Shivaay stops the question and answer session and requests that Khanna pay them to keep the news from spilling out.

Ishqbaaaz to get an alternate timeslot?

Anika returns home and meets Nayantara. The two are completely ignorant regarding each other. To keep Anika from realizing that she is her mom, Shivaay approaches her in the blink of an eye. At that point he goes to converse with Nayantara and discloses to her that he will get ready Anika before she meets her.

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In the interim, Anika becomes acquainted with through news on TV that Nayantara is her mom. She stands up to Shivaay for concealing reality from her.

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