Beyhadh written update May 12, 2017: Maya asks Janvi to recall how she killed Ashwin

The scene begins with Maya going to Janvi’s room and seeing her dad Ashwin’s photo there. She discloses to Janvi that she ought not see Ashwin’s photograph. Maya requests that Janvi review how she had murdered Ashwin.

Beyhadh composed refresh May 10, 2017: Samay requests that Maya admit to Sanjh

Maya requests that her review how Janvi had the firearm and she was not ready to flame at Ashwin but rather Maya came in the middle of and she slaughtered Ashwin. She requests that Janvi bolster her dependably as they are great as a group. Then, Vandana tries to tune in to everything and gets got.

Vandana reveals to Maya that she was not ready to rest and was getting bad dreams. Maya holds a blade under Vandana’s pad and reveals to her now she won’t get any bad dream and requests that her rest.

Next morning Arjun goes to Vandana’s room and Vandana discloses to Arjun how Maya went to her last night and she demonstrates the blade to Arjun. Vandana reveals to him that once Arjun leaves for office Maya alarms everybody. They both giggle by inacting Maya.

Maya comes in the middle of and inquires as to why are they giggling. They both concoct a rationalization and Arjun requests that Maya joined him to the workplace with the goal that he can get a little offer assistance.

After at some point, Arjun gives his telephone to Vandana and leaves for office alongside Maya. Vandana then calls Sanjh and requests that her come direly with the goal that they can locate some confirmation against Maya.

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