And FINALLY, 'Comedy Nights Bachao' to get RID of 'roast comedy'!

The show has decided to get rid of the roasting format and will witness another revamp.

This piece of news may be a double-edged sword for many readers out there. We are talking about one of the most controversial comedy shows on television currently, ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’.

Several celebrities from the likes of Akshay Kumar to Tanishtha Chatterjee and recently John Abraham, have been miffed with the show’s format going overboard and being derogatory at times.

After being the subject of such immense flak, according to a leading news daily, ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ will be witnessing another revamp and will be getting rid of the ‘roast comedy’ format.

Yes! That’s right. Krushna Abhishek, one of the lead comedians on the show mentioned that they don’t want to irk people further and have hence decided to make the content lighter with just general leg-pulling. He also said that he doesn’t wish to put his relationships at stake for the sake of comedy and hence will be changing the way the show is presented.

One of the future episodes will be gracing legendary actresses, Helen and Bindu. To this Krushna mentioned that himself or anyone on the show cannot dare to roast such legends. Hence, they will be indulging in light-hearted comedy with them and the cast of film, ‘Wajah Tum Ho’ starring Gurmeet Choudhary, Sanaa Khan and Sharman Joshi.

Krushna concluded by mentioning that this decision will not really affect the ratings of the show and in any case, he wouldn’t want to spoil relationships for better ratings.

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