And Abhi gets shot on Kumkum Bhagya, AGAIN!

And he saves Pragya’s life! AGAIN!

Just when Abhi thinks that his search for Pragya in Palampur is finally over, she gets kidnapped immediately! Nikhil will kidnap Pragya and take her away, and, without a thought, Sarla finds Abhi and tells her the whole kidnapping incident. Our rockstar sets on a rescue mission once again!

Abhi will now gather all the information from Sarla and start tracing Pragya. After a lot of thinking and tracking, Abhi reaches a secluded area. He finds Nikhil and Pragya there. And we all know that Nikhil is a crazy man and will do anything to get rid of Pragya.

A close source on the show tells us that just when Nikhil is about to shoot Pragya, Abhi jumps in and takes the bullet! We don’t seem to understand what pleasure the makers of the show get by shooting, injuring, beating up poor Abhi again and again!

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