WHAAT? Colors' Swaragini to go off-air..???

Is it curtains for the popular show..?

Colors’ popular show, ‘Swaragini’ has certainly enjoyed a lot of popularity and has been a rating grabber too. The show recently witnessed the re-entry of actor Namish Taneja, which was done to attract more eyeballs.

However, while the show has had its share of popularity and good ratings, it cannot be denied that it has been witnessing a gradual drop in ratings for quite some time now. And that hasn’t changed for a long time too.

And hence, according to a leading news portal, the show is all set to go off-air in December, making way for another show, ‘Swabhimaan’.


It is said that the show has explored all the possible storylines and doesn’t have much to exploit now.

We contacted Helly, who said, “Honestly, we haven’t heard any such thing till now. But this is a trend where if a show witnesses a little drop in ratings, such a rumour starts surfacing. However, we haven’t been informed about any such thing.

A source close to the show tells that such a thing doesn’t seem to happening, and the show will remain on-air despite all these rumours.

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