Bigg Boss 16: Farah Khan lashes out at Tina Dutta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary

MUMBAI : Finally, the “Shukarvaar Ka Vaar” episode has come and this time Salman Khan won’t be hosting the show, as Farah Khan has taken the seat of the host and she would be grilling the contestants and telling them where they are going wrong.

Last week we did see how Shalin Bhanot was left alone in the game where he was made fun of by Tina and Priyanka and the audience somewhere felt that he was bullied and it was a completely wrong behavior from the two actresses.

We also saw how Nimrit is still the captain of the house and how the mandali is helping her to become the finalist in the show.

In the upcoming episode, Farah Khan will slam Tina Dutta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary where she would tell them that their behavior was disgusting.

She would tell Priyanka that she was living in a bubble where everyone thought that she spoke the truth, but now that bubble has been broken.

On the other hand, she would tell Tina that she should stop such behavior and that because of this attitude no one likes her and she tells her that if she doesn’t keep quiet she will walk away and Tina doesn’t stop talking and hence Farah Khan walks away.

Well, Farah Khan seems to be very upset with Tina and Priyanka and hence lashes out at them.

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