Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga actress Nausheen Ali Sardar reveals she had a deadly allergy for years; says “I thought I had reached the end of the tunnel”

MUMBAI :Popular Television actress Nausheen Ali Sardar has revealed that she has suffered from a horrific allergy for years and didn’t even know about it. She however put up a brave front and went through life as if everything was ok but things weren’t so good for her.

Nausheen, who had no idea what was wrong with her, tried many treatments to figure out what allergy she had. The actress said, “So I tended to have puffy skin, weight gain. I felt a lot of water retention in my body and lower back pain. After 2 years, I realised that something is definitely not right.”

She further added, “I underwent the Prick Allergy Test, which requires one to have 200 pricks on hand. After just a few pricks, my skin started flaring up very badly and it seemed like love bites (laughs). The doctor said that he cannot continue the test as I was very sensitive to it. My problem only compounded then because I thought that I had reached the end of the tunnel. I went to several doctors and did many tests but nothing worked. I was told it could be gluten or lactose intolerance but all steps taken in that direction did not make me feel any better. I was even told that I may be allergic to pets!”

Nausheen continued, “Thankfully, I am good at research. I sourced out a good lab ImuPro. It’s a German lab. I contacted its head Dr Neeraj Arora (Director of First Medical Diagnostics). Several political and glamour personalities have taken treatment for a similar issue that I was facing. I was told that a very popular actress had consulted them because she was having a constant pain in her knuckles; she was diagnosed as suffering from allergy to Marie biscuits. Several celebrities have taken this treatment. ImuPro has 50 labs in Germany and my blood serum was sent to Germany for testing.”

Nausheen said, “I also have to refrain from sunflower seeds. But I am striking off oats and soya beans from my list for sure” Talking about how the treatment has worked for her she said, “Oh yes. My face has shrunk. I had developed some pigmentation too; even that has disappeared. No lethargy. No back pain. I am feeling like a new person. I am feeling 20 years younger. Trust me. I had almost given up. Itne paise kharch kiye the. Bas ek last option try kar rahi thi. Thank heavens, it worked”

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