Avantika glad that Adi accepted Ayush as his elder brother in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayush tells everyone that Avantika is his mum. Everyone is shell shocked and asks Mrs. Verma to take Ayush and leave. Mrs. Verma sees Avantika silent and takes Ayush. Avantika cries and stops Ayush saying he is my son. Harish is shaken up. Avantika says I m sorry to let you down Harish. She says she met Amit Sharma before meeting Harish, we loved each other and wanted to marry, he died in an accident, I was taken to hospital and dad came to know I was pregnant. She says it was not easy for dad, he did not have any option and Anuj might remember that dad enrolled me in course in Delhi, to made me deliver my son, I delivered the baby and dad said my son was dead and have to start my life, I came to Mumbai and met Harish.

Sheela says but why did dad lie to you. Mrs. Verma says Purshottam ji knew Avantika would have leave the son and her life would have ruined, so he gave the baby boy to me, I went far from Mumbai and he made a trust on Ayush’s name and sent me money every month. Harish and Adi are shocked and leave the place, as Avantika breaks down. Harish says I cursed myself for 30 years thinking what mistake I did that my Avantika left me and came her home, I wanted to change myself and keep you happy, now look at you, the idol of honesty, the woman who hates lie, has hidden this from us. Sheela talks to Anuj, Rubel and Payal about Nana ji not telling anyone about Avantika’s pregnancy.

Anuj says what is the use to think now, what could dad do that time, this was the best solution to save Avantika. Rubel says we did not know this will come out after 28 years. Payal says its good Mrs. Verma is a nice lady, else she could have used Ayush. ayal asks Rubel will Ayush stay in this house. Rubel says yes, he is Avantika’s son and our brother. She says will Harish accept her. Rubel says we can’t let Ayush go. Adi and Pankhudi have an argument. Pankhudi says I came to know it yesterday and I did not tell it to you. Adi is shocked and gets angry as she did not share this with him. Adi says he won’t stay in Diwaan Mansion now, as Avantika meets Harish and he gets chest pain. Pankhudi argues with Adi defending Avantika.

He says Pankhudi will stay here to support mum, as she has hidden everything from me. Everyone are upset at home and Payal blames Ayush for all this. Rubel says I m sorry, but Payal is saying right, Ayush is the reason of all problems in this house. Everyone looks on. He says since he came here, everything is gone for loss, all fights between us. Anuj apologizes to Avantika. Avantika takes care of Ayush. Rubel asks Adi to come back home. Adi refuses and Rubel thinks of a plan. Avantika does not find Ayush at home and gets worried. Adi gets the kidnapper’s call and is ready to give any amount to free Ayush.

Adi says don’t hurt Ayush and gets tensed. Adi says I will go to get Ayush. Rubel says we can’t risk your life. Adi says nothing will happen, does Ayush’s life not imp. Rubel says he is not a family member. Adi says Ayush is son of this house, he is your brother. Adi and Pankhudi come to find Ayush. Pankhudi sees the blood stained clothes and says did they do something to him. Adi says no and sees Ayush sitting there. Ayush smiles. Adi and Pankhudi rush to free him. Adi asks is he fine, and hugs him. He says thank God you are safe. Ayush starts laughing. Adi and Pankhudi are shocked. Ayush says I won the game.

Rubel brings Avantika there and says they are my friends, and Ayush’s so called kidnappers. He says it was his plan to unite Adi and Ayush. Avantika thanks Rubel. They all come home happily. Harish tells Adi that he is happy that he accepted Ayush and Avantika, but for me, I have just one son. Avantika looks on. Payal gets angry and informs media about Avantika’s son Ayush. They come and ask Avantika about her affair and illegitimate son Ayush. Adi gets angry and beats the reporter. Avantika and Pankhudi try to calm him down. Everyone think who has informed the media. Payal thinks she did it, as Sheela blamed her for kidnapping, if she is regarded wrong, then she should do something wrong too. What will Adi do to manage things? Keep reading.