Sandhya fails to catch RK’s network once again; Vikram stops Meenakshi’s engagement in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Maya calls Zakir and asks him to keep the arms bag at the veg stall and go, he will get the money in his account. Zakir gives the message to Sandhya. Sandhya says do as she says, she should not doubt on us. She changes her get up. Maya asks Prema to do her part now. Prema says yes and gets down the car. Maya asks a beggar to run taking a bag and change the lane. Zakir says Sandhya, did you notice, see everyone’s bags, its same. Sandhya is shocked seeing same bags with everyone. She asks Zakir to keep an eye on that man. Maya sees Lohya and thinks Zakir cheated us, I have a surprise for police now.

Sandhya says someone is coming towards the beggar and alerts Zakir and officers. Maya thinks she will take the arms at any cost. Mata shoots on ground and everyone start running. Disha and Prema take the bag from beggar and give another. Maya runs and drops her phone, being Asthma patient. Zakir gets her phone and checks sim, saying it’s the terrorist phone. Disha and Prema see a shop open and run inside it. Zakir can’t connect to Sandhya. Zakir is shocked seeing Disha and Prema talking about 2310 hijack. He is connected to Sandhya on phone and says Sandhya. He can’t connect. Zakir aims gun at them, and says stop, you are under arrest. Meenakshi and Mohit make Vikram feel jealous.

The Rathi family continues with their endeavor of reconciling Meenakshi and Vikram. Maya manages to rescue Prema and Disha by injecting Zakir with a chemical.Sandhya rushes to Zakir and finds him unconscious. She takes him to the hospital. Sandhya breaks down and cries. She comes to him in the ward. Maya calls Disha and says Zakir is saved but in coma, he will never come out in four years too. Sooraj pacifies Sandhya. She says doctors are saying Zakir can’t be fine now, the one who did not stop anytime, he always wanted to go ahead in life, he can’t even move his hands now, he did not fail ever, and now he is like a vegetable here, he is failing now. Sooraj says Zakir will never fail, he will find some way to fail the failure.

Bhabho worries that even Sandhya could have been in Zakir’s place. She says so I told you that I m against this job, we can’t be sure of her safety. Babasa says your fear is of everyone, if everyone thinks this, who will protect us at the border and city. andhya says RK is a criminal and we risked our life to catch him, but we don’t have right to punish him, he is in jail since 3 years and making plans to kill such honest officers like Zakir, why is he alive, he should be hanged soon. SP says its not possible, we have to respect the law. Sandhya asks SP to give out the wrong news about RK’s hanging getting proponed.

Disha and everyone see this news that RK will be hanged tomorrow. Disha is shocked. Maya and Prema come to know too and have a meeting. They decide to make RK ill to postpone his hanging. Sandhya tells Zakir her plan. Prema tells Maya what will we do now. Maya says we have to go close to RK. Sandhya says they will be caught in our trap.Amit and his mum come for engagement. Vikram beats him and makes him run away, saying he can’t see anyone close to Meenakshi. Everyone get happy. Sandhya reaches the hospital and tells SP that she won’t have RK get much security, as police force will be in civil clothes. She signs the men in civil clothes. RK is brought there and Maya stands there as the nurse.

RK thinks Maya would have known about my hanging, she has to be here for my help. Maya looks at him in a new getup. Sandhya takes RK inside the hospital. Maya looks at RK and thinks he is taken inside the ward, I have to make Plan A ready, but where is Disha. Disha burns Birju’s hand and asks Sooraj to come along to the hospital. She reaches RK’s ward and tries to give him the medicine. Sooraj says lets go Disha. She asks why. He says as police work is going on here. Sandhya hides and looks on. Maya thinks she has to do the work over. Lohya serves food to RK, made by Bhabho. Lohya attends a call. RK eats the food. Maya tries to walk inside the ward.

Sandhya too is keeping an eye on him while hiding far. RK feels unwell having the food. His hand falls and he starts sweating. RK gets up and faints. Its Prema who has seen Bhabho giving the food tiffin to Lohya, and have mixed the medicine in it. What will Sandhya do now to catch RK’s network? Keep reading.