Veera plans to get Ratan and Nihaal married; Ratan refuses to remarry in Veera

The football match goes on. The match gets interesting as the final goal will decide the winner as the current score is 2-2. Rajveer falls intentionally and puts the blame on Baldev. He falls again and Ranvi makes him get up. He gets angry on Baldev. Rajveer says how dare you slap me. Baldev says I did not slap you. Rajveer says you taught your team to beat and push, to win. Baldev starts beating Rajveer. Ranvi stops Baldev. Ranvi warns Baldev to stay away. Baldev leaves with his friends. Veera gets upset. Balwant apologizes to Rajveer and folds hands. Rajveer says no need, you are like my father, elder to me.

Rajveer says Ranvi you are so good and have good family respect, why do you let your sister meet Baldev, she went to meet him right. He says I saw many people in my 5 year police career and Baldev won’t change, his dad is apologizing today, tomorrow you sister will apologize. Nihaal says maybe we are mistaken, maybe Baldev is right, some kicks happen in football game. Ranvi says my Biji will tell me directly, you don’t need to say what she thinks, you are not our Papa ji. Ratan scolds Ranvi and asks him to apologize to Nihaal. Ranvi leaves. Veera makes Baldev believe that she loves him and asks him to control his anger. Ranvi instructs Baldev to stay away from Veera. Ranvi and Baldev have an argument.

Baldev says Veera and I are adults, we can meet anytime, I will see how you stop us. Ranvi gets angry. Gunjan comes to her Maayka. Gunjan hugs Balwant and says she wanted to meet him. He says yes, Bansuri said you came to meet me and needed Rs 20000, why. Gunjan says she had some work. He says I heard that you are having card party with your friends. Gunjan acts and says they are rumors, I just hang out with friends. He says you have responsibility of two house. He asks her to become like Ratan’s family. Baldev comes and says Veera did not take my call since morning. He asks Gunjan to tell her husband not to interfere in my and Veera’s life. She says go and marry, end this matter. Simran and Amrit are shocked.

Bansuri comes and scolds Gunjan. Gunjan says Baldev and Veera will do what they want to, even if they run and marry, as they are adults and law is with them. Veera feels Ratan’s loneliness and talks to Nihaal. She asks does he love Ratan, and is sure of his feelings. She gets Baldev’s call and she tells what Ranvi decided that she can’t meet him. He says I will find some way but can’t stop meeting her. She says we have to do something. Baldev tells Veera that he got everything what she said and he spoke to pandit ji, he bought groom and bride’s clothes. She says if anyone know about this marriage, you know what will happen.

Ratan hears Veera and gets Baldev’s letter. She sees Veera is not at home and thinks she went to marry Baldev. She informs Ranvi and asks him to come soon. They inform Baldev’s family and everyone head to temple. They see Veera and Baldev with garlands. Veera says this marriage is of Ratan and Nihaal. They are shocked. Ranvi is stunned. Veera joins Ratan and Nihaal’s hands. Ranvi scolds Veera for joking like this. Veera explains that Ratan gave away her life to us, she deserves happiness. He says you have made me small, are we such children who give our mum’s responsibility to someone else. Ratan cries. She says a life partner is a life partner, I know Biji needs a life partner and I m sure Nihaal Chachu can be that, as he worries for her, he is her good friend and will support her all the life.

Ranvi blames Baldev for all this. Baldev says your sister Veera is smart, that Pind praises her and you think I m filling her mind, tell me Ranvi, how can this happen, as you think I don’t have mind. Ranvi says I know. Baldev says no, its always your happiness, thinking and opinion, what about us, are we fools, to be always wrong, Veera is trying to explain you that its for Ratan’s happiness. You are thinking only about your happiness, about your marriage. Ranvi says you don’t teach me. Baldev says I will teach you, if you can’t see the truth, I will make you see it. Ratan says you have become smart and talking about my happiness, tell me, did you ask me once before doing all this. She refuses to marry Nihaal. Veera and Ranvi come home and argue on this matter. Ratan cries seeing them. Will Ratan and Nihaal get married? Keep reading.