Astha shocked to see Jyoti at Kalindi’s house in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Last week was shocking for Astha as she has seen Niranjan’s real face. She was the witness of Niranjan torturing Anjali. She could not do anything to save Anjali and became silent seeing all that. Astha was actually stunned and could not digest the fact that Niranjan could do this. Niranjan spoke some bitter words like women are meant to stay at men’s feet and they should die in their in laws home but not turn back to see their parent’s house. He showed his cruelty by slapping and beating Anjali with a long wooden stick. Anjali cried in pain but did not utter any work against him. Such an obedient wife she is, still Niranjan is not pleased with her and punishes her for petty issues. Astha decided to bring out his truth infront of everyone and teach him a lesson to respect women. Niranjan leaves and Astha sees Anjali crying and trying to smile hiding her wounds. Astha feels really miserable for her.

Astha comes back in the puja and could not concentrate as she is in a state of shock and the flashes of Niranjan beating Anjali disturb her. Shlok finds her worried and asks her the reason. She does not tell him anything. Niranjan acts sweet to Sojal and apologizes to her from Anjali’s side. Astha understands that whatever Anjali does is from Niranjan’s side, he makes her say his words, he makes her do his actions, everyone blames Anjali for being heartless, but actually Niranjan is heartless. Anjali spoiled her relation with everyone at home because she does what Niranjan says and goes against the happiness of them. Niranjan made his image a good one so that everyone can share their problems with him and find him their friend. Astha understands Niranjan’s drama and feels bad.

Astha tries to bring a change in the house. She meets Anjali and tells her that she now knows the relation between her and Niranjan. She also tells that she has seen him beating her. Anjali is shocked and asks Astha not to tell this to anyone else their family will break and Niranjan won’t spare her and Astha. She requests Astha not to tell this to Shlok. Astha agrees. Astha changes the house look and Anjali is shocked to see this. She scolds the maid for listening to Astha and asks her to keep everything as it was before.

Astha says why, can’t we bring a change, it will look good, but Anjali does not agree and is scared of Niranjan as he does not like changes in his life. Astha arranges some shoes in the rack and keeps women’s sandals up and men’s shoes down. Anjali scolds her and arranges the opposite by keeping men’s shoes above. Astha asks her the reason for doing this. Anjali says she does not have any reason, but these are the rules that are going on since she married Niranjan, even she wanted to change all this but failed. Kaka is happy seeing Astha bringing a change in the family.

Astha sees Niranjan asking Anjali to come inside and end her punishment. Astha cries thinking how many nights Anjali has spent outside standing like this. She gets angry on Niranjan. Kalindi takes Jyoti to the temple and Anjali, Astha and Sojal also go there. Abhay comes there to pray to get Jyoti and sees Jyoti with Anjali. He thinks Jyoti was till now at Anjali’s house and before he could get her, she leaves. Abhay comes to Niranjan and creates a big scene and blames Anjali for hiding Jyoti with her. Niranjan gets angry on Anjali and says it would have been better if Jyoti died instead of running as he would have atleast cried for her. He says a daughter should not be given birth as they bring shame for the family. Astha hears this and thinks how cheap mentality is of Niranjan.

He tells her that Jyoti is missing since two days. Anjali tells Abhay that she did not meet Jyoti and maybe he is mistaken. He says no, he is sure and asks them to find Jyoti and till then he will stay with them. Everyone agree and start finding Jyoti as she is pregnant. Shlok worries about Jyoti and is upset. Astha tells him that we should inform police. Shlok talks to Niranjan and he says I have already informed police. Astha tells Shlok that even she saw Jyoti in the temple. Shlok, Varad and Astha go to find her. Niranjan comes to know about this and is angry. Shlok and Astha come to know that Jyoti was really there. Shlok says your home and my home are near, why would Jyoti come from far. Astha doubts on Kalindi as she was also there that time and goes home to see. She is shocked to see Jyoti there. Will Astha support Jyoti? Keep reading.