Abhay drags Jyoti home and talks ill about her character in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Astha comes home and is shocked to see Jyoti there. She asks Kalindi how could she hide this from her, did she not trust her to share this with her. She asks Jyoti could she not confide in her. Jyoti and Kalindi apologizes to her and tells her everything. Astha asks her why she ran away from Abhay’s house. Jyoti tells about her daughter in womb and Abhay wants her to abort the child. Astha is shocked and cries. Jyoti tells her how Abhay has tortured her, how she ran away from Bua who was taking her to Kolhapur to do her abortion.

She tells then Sid saved her on the road and too his home. She says Sid brought her to his Kalindi Kaki’s house. She says she does not want to go back to Abhay’s house, as it’s a hell and Abhay is a monster. Astha supports her and tells her that she will get Abhay punished for his sins. Astha calms her down and asks her to come home with her. Jyoti refuses saying her parents will not support her so she won’t come. She says she wants to stay with Kalindi till she gives birth to her daughter. Astha understands her situation and says fine. She says soon I will get justice for you and I promise love and respect will come back in your life.

Jyoti asks Astha not to tell this to Shlok. Astha comes home and sees Shlok worried for Jyoti. Astha feels bad and does not tell him. Sid comes to office and tells Varad about Roshni, the girl whom he likes. He does not show Roshni’s pic to Varad being shy. Varad says I understand everything, be so cool. Astha makes a plan and asks Jyoti to call Anjali from a PCO. Avdhoot takes Jyoti very far and they call from a PCO. Jyoti talks to Anjali. Anjali asks her to come back. Jyoti says no, she won’t come back in that hell and is fine and happy wherever she is. Abhay takes the phone from Anjali and Jyoti ends the call. Astha asks Abhay why is Jyoti so scared of you to cut the call hearing your voice. She blames Abhay for all this. Abhay gets angry and asks Anjali to control Astha.

Shlok comes and calls back on the PCO number. He comes to know Jyoti came with a man. Abhay says maybe she is having an affair. Shlok scolds him and asks him to control his tongue else he will forget who he is to him. Varad gives Jyoti’s pic to Sid asking him to give it to a detective. Sid sees the pic and is shocked. Varad says she is his sister and is missing. Sid comes to confront Jyoti and asks her is she Varad’s sister and Agnihotri’s daughter. Jyoti accepts it and apologizes to him for hiding this from him. Kalindi and Jyoti tell him about Abhay’s harassment and Jyoti wishing to give her daughter birth. Sid understands Jyoti and supports her.

Jyoti thanks him for not changing after knowing the truth. Jyoti tells Astha that its Anjali’s 50th birthday. Astha tells her she will celebrate it well. Astha takes Kaka’s help and they arrange a surprise party for Anjali. Anjali gets worried thinking about Niranjan’s reaction. Astha convinces her to come in the party saying Niranjan allowed her. Niranjan comes home and is shocked to see Anjali’s birthday party. He gets angry but controls seeing the media. Astha praises him infront of the media and asks him to wish Anjali. Niranjan wishes Anjali and they cut the cake. Astha brings Anjali out to make her meet Jyoti. Anjali is shocked to see Jyoti and hugs her. Both of them cry. Jyoti tells her she won’t come home and tells about her daughter in womb. Anjali is shocked.

Jyoti is about to leave with Sid. Abhay comes there and holds Jyoti’s hand. He drags her inside the party and tells everyone about Jyoti running away with Sid. Varad is shocked to see Sid and asks him whats all this. Sid says she is Roshni. Varad understands and asks Sid to leave. Sid leaves. Abhay tells Niranjan that Jyoti has an affair so she dumped her husband but he loves her and wants to take her back. Niranjan asks Jyoti to go back with Abhay. Jyoti cries and asks Anjali to say something. Anjali cries and leaves. Astha comes to Anjali and asks her to take a step for Jyoti else her unborn child and Jyoti’s death will happen because of her. She shakes Anjali’s conscience. Anjali says she is helpless and Niranjan won’t listen to her. Astha says you have to do something, this time I will not help you. What will Astha do now to save Jyoti from Abhay? Keep reading.