Saras happy to know Kabir is his brother and heads for London to save him from Ghuman in Saraswatichandra

Saraswatichandra is going through a TRP rise, all thanks to Ghuman and Kabir. The new track of Kabir brought high TRPs as it had suspense, romance, revenge and hatred. Kumud and Saras try hard to call Menka but Menka does not pick their call and says I m near my goal and won’t do any mistake now. Menka has her Dubai tickets and is happy that she is leaving soon. Saras and Kumud try finding Menka at many lodges but they don’t get her. Saras is worried as he is eager to know the secret which Ghuman is hiding. Badimaa also tries hard to find and goes to the hospital where Saraswati gave birth to her second child. Badimaa requests the head nurse Sarla to help her.

She is shown many records and Badimaa checks it. She does not get any file and is worried. She says she has to find it at any cost and tries further. She gets the file and reads that Saraswati gave birth to a dead baby and a woman same day gave birth to a healthy baby. Sarla tells her that this is wrong as the other woman’s baby was born dead and she was present that time. Badimaa understands that Ghuman has exchanged the babies and told Saraswati that she gave birth to a dead baby and took her healthy baby to Daima to get it killed. Badimaa is shocked and comes home. She cries seeing Saraswati’s pic and the toys clothes she had kept for her son. Badimaa hugs them and feels bad thinking how could Ghuman do this being a mum. Danny starts ignoring Ghuman as he is ashamed of her evil plans. Saras and Kumud does not tell him anything more as Danny won’t be able to bear it. Saras tells Danny that he will tell him everything when the right time comes.

Vidyachatur is happy that he got two lovely daughters and more sweet son in laws. He plans with Yash and gifts them a photo frame of Saras and Danny. He gives a cute speech about the brothers and their special bonding. Saras and Danny are very happy seeing it and hugs him. Saras sees Danny upset and understands his pain to be without his mum. He thinks how to get Danny out of this pain. Badimaa tells Saras and Kumud everything she found out at the hospital and says Saras’s brother is alive. He is the one whom Menka took from Daima and did his upbringing. They don’t know who is he and how to find him. Badimaa asks them to meet Menka and ask her about him.

Danny gets Menka’s passport and thinks Menka forgot it and will surely come to take this. Menka is shocked seeing her passport missing and calls Danny. Danny says yes, its me, you can come and take it. Danny informs Saras to come soon as Menka is coming home and he has her passport. Saras is happy and rushes to the home. Saras and Kumud confront Menka about the baby she saved from Daima. Saras tells her that he knows everything about him, as Sunanda told them. Menka at first does not tell them anything and asks for her passport. Kumud lies to her that his life is in danger and Menka breaks down. She says he is Kabir, save him Saras, please. Saras is shocked to know that Kabir is his younger brother. He thinks of the time spent with Kabir and that he always felt some relation with him. He cries thinking his mum died because of Ghuman. Menka tells them how Ghuman trapped Laxminandan in her love by making Saraswati go out of his life. That led to her suicide. Saras is shocked and angry.

Saras meets Ghuman and scolds her for doing so cheap thing by making Daima kill a baby. Ghuman says he is alive and he is Kabir. She says she knows everything and Kabir cheated her. She tells him that she will be killing Kabir after five days on his birthday and he can save him if he can. She says Kabir is waiting for me in London, but not me, his death will reach him. Saras says if anything happens to my brother, I will kill you. Ghuman smiles and asks him to save Kabir before she kills him. Saras and Kumud come home and break the news that Kabir is his brother. Everyone are shocked and thinks that’s why he has always helped us. Saras tells them that he and Kumud and going to London to find Kabir. They get their tickets and are ready to leave. Will Saras and Kumud be able to save Kabir before Ghuman attacks him? Keep reading.