Astha and Shlok to come closer in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Aditi has been wandering in the house like a ghost at night wearing the bridal dress. Astha sees her not seeing her face and is shocked. She wonders who is this girl who is roaming in our house. She follows Aditi and she disappears. Astha rushes to tell Anjali but Anjali does not believe her. Anjali says its only your imagination and we don’t have any ghosts at our home. Astha says she has surely seen someone and she can prove it tonight. Kavya asks Astha to make a house model for her. Astha says fine and starts making it. She applies the glue to the cardboard. Shlok comes and does not know its for Kavya. He ruins the model and glue sticks to his hand. Astha also has some glue on her hands. She holdsnhis collar and he holds her hand. They get stuck by the glue and are unable to take off their hands from each other. Astha and Shlok have an argument blaming each other for this. The argument is cute like always.

They come in the hall seeking help from the family. Everyone laughs seeing them like this. Astha asks Aditi to help her. Aditi applies the vinegar on their hands and makes the free. Its night, Astha waits to see who is that girl in bridal dress. She waits all night and gets sleep. She wakes up and sees a shadow passing by. Astha puts the powder on the floor to see where the girl goes. Aditi passes by the powder leaving the footprints. Astha is shocked to see the footprints and shows it to Anjali. Anjali says this does not prove anything, this can be yours also. Astha thinks she has to prove it to everyone about the girl.

Jyoti is worried as Abhay wants to find out the sex of the baby. He tells her that only if it is a boy, she can give birth to it, if it is a girl, then it will be aborted. Jyoti prays to Bappa to save her child as Abhay has done her two abortions till now and she lost her two daughters. Abhay calls the doctor for the appointment but does not get. He personally knows the doctor and thinks it will be safe to go to him for getting to know the test results. But he is taken aback knowing he is not available. Abhay is restless and wants to know it soon. Jyoti thinks she got one day time and should do anything to save the baby. She thinks of meeting Astha and Abahy catches her leaving and gets angry on her.

Abhay goes to the doctor next day with Jyoti. Jyoti is taken for the scan. Abhay pays the doctor some fees to keep it confidential as it’s a crime to know the sex of the baby. Abhay waits outside the scan lab. The doctor does the scan and tells Jyoti that it is baby girl. Jyoti is shattered and thinks what might Abhay do now. She pleads to the doctor to lie to Abhay that it is a baby boy and tells him how Abhay aborted her two daughters before. She gives the doctor her gold bangles and asks him to lie. The doctor agrees and lies to Abhay that it is a baby boy. Abhay is on cloud nine and very happy. Police comes there and arrests the doctor for doing illegal scans. The doctor from jail calls Jyoti and asks her to free him up else he will tell the truth to Abhay. Jyoti lands in another problem now and tells him that she does not have money to give him. The doctor blackmails her. Abhay starts taking good care of Jyoti thinking about his son.

Shlok sees Astha sleeping and sees a shadow passing by. He goes out of the room and follows her. The girl is about to jump off the terrace. Astha and Anjali also come there and are shocked to see its Aditi. Shlok saves Aditi and takes her to the room. Aditi tells everyone about her sleepwalking habit and its dangerous for her. Niranjan asks Anjali to take care of Aditi as she is their responsibility in Ajinkya’s absence. Holi celebrations have begun. During the Holika burning puja, Astha’s saree catches fire as Aditi puts kerosene on it. Shlok saves Astha and Niranjan sees worry in his eyes for Astha and is glad. He tells Anjali to see that Shlok and Astha come closer and not file for divorce. Will Astha and Shlok take the divorce? Will they give their marriage a stand? Keep reading.