Jai realizes his mistake and patches up with his wife Kanno in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Kanno feels insecure that Mangla will kick her out of the house as she feels Kanno is a burden on Jai. Jai on the other hand is madly in love with Pooja and does not want to keep up his marriage with Kanno. Jai talks to Mangla at night. Mangla tells him that they have to be sweet to Kanno and make her leave the house with her happiness so that she does not file any case against him in future. Jai agrees. Kanno hears this conversation and is shocked. Kanno could not sleep all night thinking Mangla and Jai will ask her to leave from this house and even her mother is not ready to accept her back in her home.

Kanno talks to her mum saying she has to come back home as her marriage has ended. Kanno’s mum gets furious and asks her not to come and she has to die in Jai’s house being in his marriage. Kanno does not know what to do and thinks of an idea. She thinks of lying to everyone that she is pregnant with Jai’s child so that Mangla and Jai can’t ask her to leave the house now. Kanno meets Poonam and tells her that she is going to lie to everyone about her fake pregnancy. Poonam stops her and says this lie will break everyone’s trust on you and give them wrong dreams. Poonam asks her not to play with everyone’s sentiments. Kanno says she does not have any other way to stay in the house and tells Poonam what she heard at night. Poonam still asks her not to go ahead with this lie. Kanno agrees.

They go to the dining hall and Mangla acts strict to Kanno and says she has to say something to her. Kanno understands that she is sending her home and stops her from saying it. She tells Mangla and everyone that she is pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Poonam thinks I stopped her so much but she still lied. Jai does not acknowledge the child and says its not mine. Kanno is hurt by his words. Jai asks her to do a DNA test and prove that he is the father of the child. Kanno says if its that you want, then I m ready for the test only on one condition, that Pooja also have to go through the same test. Shashikant stops the fight between them and says there won’t be any test of anyone here. Kanno is relieved.

Poonam goes to meet Pooja in her room and sees a railway file with name Mili Srivastav written on it. She is about to take that file but Pooja comes. Poonam has to leave the file. Poonam calls Akash and tells him everthing about the file. She asks him to find about Mili in the Kanpur Railway Station. Akash visits the railway station and no one tells him anything about Mili. He meets an old man whom he helps and have a talk. He comes to know that the old man’s daughter’s name is also Pooja. He thinks there is some connection between her and Pooja who is at their home.

Akash calls Poonam and asks her to find out more about Pooja. Poonam tries hard and tells her plan to Kanno. Pooja is made come out of her room as Kanno calls some transgenders. They make Pooja and her mum Usha busy in their dance. Poonam goes to their room again and finds it locked. She breaks the lock and goes in. She tries hard to find the file but does not get. Pooja and Usha come back in their room and Poonam has to hide. They pack up their things and plan to leave the house. Usha asks Shashikant Rs. 20 lakhs and he agrees to give her as his respect is valuable to him.

Poonam tries to stop him but she get locked in Pooja’s room. Usha and Pooja take the money and are escaping. Akash stops them at the exit door and calls out everyone. Poonam gets the file and comes tto know how big cheats they are. Akash and Poonam bring out Pooja’s truth that she is actually Mili who became Pooja to take the death claim of her as the real Pooja died in the train accident. Mili confesses her crime and apologizes to Jai. She tells him that she is not pregnant. Jai is shocked and realizes his mistake. Everyone ask Jai to apologize to Kanno and make a new start with her. Akash and Poonam’s plan finally succeeded and Kanno and Jai unite again. Shashikant’s brother’s family comes and everyone are shocked to see them. What twist will they bring now? Will Poonam be able to save her family ffrom all troubles? Stay tuned.