Ghuman creating a rift between Danny and Kusum in Saraswatichandra

It was Holi celebrations in the show when this week started. Kumud challenges Saras to apply her color without touching her. He says I have full right on you as I m your husband. He reminds her how he applied haldi to her by keeping in hand in pool water. She says this time there won’t be anything like that and challenges him to show how he keeps up his words. Saras accepts the challenge. Kabir talks to the doctor and asks him not to let Laxminandan get fine. He asks him to make Laxxminandan stay in coma forever.

Saras and Kumud get closer and the scene is romantic and the viewers were dying to see it since long. They get alone in their room and Saras corners her. He applies her Holi by his cheeks to her cheeks. Kumud smiles. As he gets about to kiss her, she runs away being shy. We got to see Saras’s million dollar smile after a long time. Ghuman plays a dirty game again and makes Kusum drink Bhaang. She asks Kusum to go and apply Holi to Saras. Kusum agrees and not in her senses. She looks out for Saras everywhere and bumps into Danny.

Kusum tells Danny that she loves him a lot. Ghuman thinks she is admitting her love to Saras and is happy, but when she sees its Danny, she is shocked. Her plan goes flop. She aims to make another good plan to break Danny and Kusum’s relation. Kusum is brought to her room by Danny. She admits her love for him many times and asks him not to leave her as she loves him so much. Danny is happy hearing this and promises that he will never ditch her. He asks her to rest as she is drunk. Kumud and Saras come home and have some romantic moments together.

Saras offers a job to Kabir to his company and Kabir happily agrees, Kumud is not able to trust Kabi]ir and has some doubt on him. She tells this to Saras asking him not to believe him easily, but Saras does not listen to her and is adamant that he is sure about Kabir. Danny is happy seeing Kabir joining them. Saras rejects Danny’s project proposal and Danny wants to start his own new project with Kabir. Kabir tells him about the meeting with the client. Danny goes for the meeting and checks the samples. The man praises him for his knowledge about clothes and his skills are good. Danny gets the deal at his quoted price. Danny is much happy as he can make his name now. But he feels guilty as she has to hide this from Saras.

Danny feels when Saras comes to know about this, he will be hurt. Danny thinks to drop this project and talks to Kabir. Kabir tells him that he has invested a lot of money in the project by taking loans, and he can’t backout like this. Danny helplessly has to go ahead, but is tensed about Saras. Danny hides this from Saras, Kumud and Kusum. Only Ghuman knows about it and thinks of using this news on the right time. Ghuman takes Kusum to a temple with her and says I forgot the chadava, so be here, I will bring it. She asks Kalika to wear Kusum’s saree and fool Danny showing him that you were meeting Saras. Danny sees her at Saras’s site and doubts that Saras and Kusum are having an affair. He then sees Saras coming from outside and sees the girl is not Kusum, but Kalika. He is ashamed that he doubted his wife and his brother again. He goes to the temple to meet Kusum and apologizes to her. Kusum is happy and says he does not need to apologize to her as she loves him a lot. Danny hugs her and wants to clear his mind.

Ghuman wears her Ghungroos and dances in her room. Kusum comes to her and sees her dancing so well. She asks her to continue dancing if it gives her so much happiness. Ghuman tells this to Danny in wrong way and says Kusum insulted me by reminding me about my past. Danny gets angry on Kusum and stops talking to her. What will Kumud do now to bring them together? Will Ghuman’s attempts fail or succeed? Keep reading next week.